I guess the beginning is always a good time for an intro. I’ve been blogging on various platforms [and topics] for about 5 years now. I believe this is my 14th blog and I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I like how it feels here. Welcome to my metaphorical cottage by the sea; my safe space. Thank you for being so patient while I unpack boxes, dust the cobwebs and hang my pictures. Please take a seat.

Anyway, I’m studying for an Undergraduate degree in Psychology, hoping [please?] to specialise in language next year. I only gave in my final year options forms yesterday so feel free to cross your fingers for me!

In general, I’m creative and laid back, enjoying all manner of pursuits from reading and writing poetry, stories and non-fiction; to drawing, watercolour painting, singing and dancing.

I like to think I’m in touch with my spiritual side and can often be found walking in nature, meditating, reading spiritually-themed books and drinking herbal tea.

While at University, I’m focused on experiencing myself and expanding my horizons and boundaries. These challenges range from singing workshops, pagan pub moots and wild plant courses to exploring different forms of dance, eating healthier and speaking to myself with kindness.

My focus for this year [from my last birthday to the next in August] has been about soaring, and a lot of that involves authenticity; hence the theme of this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit (check out the view from the bay window!) and feel free to leave me comment so I can invite you round for tea once I’m settled in.

Take Care,