Dear Those-Who-Wonder-What-On-Earth-I’m-Doing-Here,


I’m settling in well and really enjoying the solitude here. The cottage is gorgeous; the walls are painted in light shades of lilac, blue and green and the décor fits in nicely with them. I was so ecstatic when I saw the window seat that I put down my suitcase and ran to sit on it!

When I arrived, there were freshly cut flowers in the vase and a banana cake on the kitchen table. It smelt as though  someone baked it only that morning.


My bedroom (like the entire cottage, come to think of it) is simplistic and functional; thus ideal for me. I invited my neighbour, Elizabeth round the other day and we shared a lovely cup of tea, so I’m far from lonely. It’s wonderful to have support so early on in this journey.


The view of the ocean is breath-taking and in the morning I can hear birdsong from my bedroom. Thank you for inspiring me to follow my instincts and allow this baby idea to blossom: For taking the chance and actually investing in my own health and happiness, despite your confusion in my reasoning.


Today I’m going into town to grab some art supplies and stock up on fresh fruit and veg before tackling some baking. I’ve never felt comfortable enough to experiment; but there’s no one here to judge me. Even my Kitten is settling in and taking long, peaceful naps.


I spent last night in catharsis, mourning everything from experiences which still haunt me to the death of my first hamster. I woke with stinging eyes but a lighter heart. Don’t be sad for me, the entire point of this voyage is to have a safe space where I can heal.


Overall, I’m having an amazing time and shall send a postcard with my next letter to share some of the sights with you.

I hope all is well back home and take care,