I’m a poet. Or was. Or have been. I wrote a LOT; some very good, some so disastrous I couldn’t even read them back to myself.  Metaphors are my forte; and that’s possibly why the blogs on my blogroll spoke to me so well.

I’ve sensed a shift in myself these past couple of months and I’ve noticed that I’ve missed my metaphors; personas that gave me strength and renewed purpose.

In the last 5 years I’ve been a:

~ nymph

~ mermaid

~ siren [similar to above]

~ wolf cub

~ bird

~ butterfly

~ dragonfly

~ goddess

~ terrapin

~ tree

~ waterfall dancer

~ cat

~ moon maiden

~ faerie

~ dragon

~ witch

~ star

~ white tiger

Add this use of terms to visualisation and it’ll become apparent that I’m no stranger to the world of metaphor and the power of language. This blog is all about the integration of my nicknames as a University student, daughter, girlfriend, friend, Pagan, linguist, tea-drinker, poet, author, bookworm, nerd and whatever else I could be labelled as.

So far I’ve two main metaphors running through this blog:

* Kitten

* My cottage

Havi found her metaphor of pirate queen and has expressed the importance of costumes. Though I don’t write poetry very often anymore, I’d really like to keep the metaphor in my life as it makes life a little more fun; a bit more energetic. Metaphors give me a sense of capability.

As an entity who loves singing, dancing and the feeling of the wind; I figured a bird would make the perfect metaphor. Until you come to the particulars. It’s difficult to put on your bird costume and write a lab-report. Or at least for me it is.

And in my logical mind, I’m trying to encompass my life with one big metaphor. Havi’s pirate ship leads to an identification guide, a watchstander, pirate crew and a cave of treasure.

So I guess my cottage would be a nest and my community of readers/writers would be… eggs? Hatchlings.. other birds… penguins?  And that just doesn’t resonate with me.

I’m a multi-faceted person.  To find a metaphor that encompasses all I am will only be temporary for everyone changes, but if I have a guide, perhaps I’ll change with it.

I guess that’s the cue that it’s time for some destuckifying ShivaNata. But first; let’s define our goal.

What I Want

My animal metaphors have always represented something in me. The birds sing and fly on thermals. The butterfly dances and transforms. The mermaid swims [dancing underwater] and looks for shiny objects and meets sailors – thus experiencing different perspectives. The wolf cub has community in its pack [loyalty and trust] and is able to show affection with cuddles and play-fight; seeing the world from eyes of innocence. The wolf cub is allowed to not know, while the mermaid can rest in the sun and converse with strangers to learn without guilt and the butterfly can become its potential through rest, space from the world & self-care. I want this metaphorical me to be brilliant: to work hard and play lots; to be authentic to myself; a learned scholar and patient witch. And of course this metaphor needs to encompass Kitten.

How This Could Work

It’ll come to me in a dream, a conversation, meditation, perhaps this course on Sunday, through a book or song. It’ll jump out at me and introduce itself with a smile and I’ll feel the elation as it all slots into place.

Thus I Commit To

Shiva Nata






Being Grateful

Having Faith

To be Continued… See Part ii