So on Saturday, I wrote about Metaphors. I decided to go through the characters I may play-out and see if any of them felt authentic.

As a student of psychology and linguistics I’m well aware of the power of language. Similarly, I’ve read things like the Secret and the Celestine Prophecy. I know of the law of attraction and visualisation. For more about my reasons and experiences with metaphor, see Part i.

I went through the can-can dancer [think Moulin Rouge] with a feather boa and then the lab-assistant [to get me to work harder] with white lab-coat and then even as far as the fat controller from Thomas the Tank Engine in his suit (what can I say? I’m imaginative) but erm, just no…

I flicked my mind through an internal catalogue of costumes from a fancy-dress shop in Brighton and mentally tried them all on.

As my mind went blank, I put on A Cinderella Story because I know there’s a fancy dress shop + fancy dress dance in it and kept my eyes peeled for ideas.

Then I went through the pictures from my two years of University nights out.

Butterfly, School-girl, Witch, Belly-dancer, Jane Austen, Beach Babe, Alien.

I was reminded of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She sang, liked to read and wasn’t all “oh I’m a damsel in distress, please save me”. She actually saved her partner in the end.

But in trying to envision my close friends as Mrs Pots and s on, I found inconsistencies.

However, it did give me a clear picture of some other traits I want. So I sat down and wrote out a detailed list, letting my visualisation create a character for me. Come back for part iii to see where that journey takes me.