So on Saturday, I wrote about Metaphors. I decided to go through the characters I may play-out and see if any of them felt authentic.

So in my last post I decided that I should have labelled the traits my metaphor needs to cover in a bit more detail.

And this was my list:

– Scholar

– Patient

– Understanding

– Explorer/Adventurous

– A healer [witchcraft]

– Creative [poet, dancer, painter, author, singer]

– Shining [Soaring!]

– Lives in a cottage by the sea

– Has a cat

– Loves nature/animals

– Loyal

– Loves to read!

– Loves picnics!

– Drinks lots of herbal tea!

– A fun-loving Shivanaut

In my mind she’s dressed in a white summer dress. Her hair is loose and she’s dancing in a meadow upon a cliff which overlooks the ocean. She’s got a picnic hamper with her and inside are coconut macaroons [<3] and a thermos of nettle tea.

And in her cottage; she bakes and crafts, paints and writes. And she may wear a totally crazy bandana to boot!

And all community meetings are held under a weeping willow tree which sits aside a beautiful brook and her community have a cool “clan” kind of name.

What About Home?

So the cottage is her safe-haven. She’s got a gorgeous garden to tend, the building itself has ivy growing up its walls and the air is filled with beautiful instrumental music like Lúnasa and Secret Garden.

She keeps the cupboards and fridge well stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables as her body is an important priority, but also has ingredients on hand for home-made oatcakes!

She’s all about sound and movement. Dance and song form her: from belly-dance to contemporary to Dance of Shiva; to Ludovico Einaudi, Otep, Dixie Chicks, Murderdolls and Phil Collins.

Why Not…
…Be An Author?

That would encompass lab-reports/essays/analyses and blog posts and poems and stories and even diary entries/shopping lists/post-it notes. And of course my Book of Shadows would be included in that.

I could be a writer who dances… reading would then be a part of your job [research how to write by reading blogs, books and lab reports] and thus give you permission to do it. We could encompass both pyjama days; where you write in a notepad in a field, and also those business meetings where you feel like a powerful grown-up with your hair done up in a ponytail and a sexy-but-smart outfit.  And I could sing while I write.

But where’s the sense of adventure and exploration: Of breaking the boundaries and meeting my fears?

Can one metaphor really encompass an entire life [in this moment?] Can I encompass my wish for motivation, desire for more time in nature and also keep to my deadlines at University and meet friends after work? Is it possible to find the right terms to integrate the witch with a scholar, melded with a cook/dancer/singer/writer and still be authentic?

This is harder than I’d first anticipated. Metaphors came so easily to me in the fluid motion of poetry. Each aspect of me had her outfit and portrayed such authenticity.

Any ideas?