I read about pirate beauty last week and was reminded of my own visualisations/metaphors.

One comment stood out for me, which led to a long conversation with the blog post itself.

“Watching the pirate queen, I realized that I was expecting that she’d attract a lot of pain and crap that she would then powerfully deflect.

That people would hate her and harass her, but that she’d be tough enough to not care.

But that’s not what happened.

Instead, it was as if dangerous things didn’t even come near her. Because they couldn’t.

What happened was that the people who were drawn to her were intrigued by her way of being. They became fiercely loyal to her vision. They became protectors and defenders of all that was related to her.”

As I take into account my own metaphors here at Wings of Flight, I’m trying to be this strong, capable, independent woman. And I realised that all those visualisations I spoke of are focused on this very phenomenon.

My negative visualisations are always about appearing capable to those who I couldn’t be capable in front of at the time; Focused on overcoming those situations with grace and strength. Of having people see me be strong and beautiful in the face of danger and thus, proud to be fiercely loyal to me. I have people who are loyal to me, but I believe my visualisations are trying to earn it; to feel worthy of their love and support.

I have those people in my life, but at this point, I don’t feel I’ve been strong enough to deserve them.

“How her quiet power gave them permission to have power too.”

And it’s that desire that led to the beginning of this blog. I can be a blogger and still be authentic. And I know that’s what attracts me to read the blogs I read; I just never gave myself that permission to learn sovereignty.

“I don’t want to live an invisible life. It’s important to be seen sometimes because being a famous pirate helps inspire other people to lead interesting, adventurous lives. It empowers them. And that’s important.”

(all quotes found at Fluent Self)

That is such an important thing for me at the moment. To be seen and to help others. I want to teach without becoming a teacher. I guess I have a calling to inspire; yet what metaphor can encompass all these things and still who I am now?

And thus began my search for metaphor.