As this weekend held an important festival and I made an important decision; one that I’ll be mentioning on this blog in the near future, I’m taking a break from my metaphor search [in the hopes that thinking about it less will allow it to come to light] and focusing on healing.

“Your decision is crucial and powerful.” ~ Christine Kane

Just as Havi says that moving brings up her stuff and Elizabeth talks about how helpful a change of scenery can be; (need I even mention that movie; The Holiday?), I find my freedom in being at University in Brighton. I find peace in my parent’s house here in my home town; and the woods and lake nearby. I find joy in my friend’s in this place; but the comfort and support now come from Brighton.

And the reminders of negativity are in this home-town.

Saturday was the Vernal Equinox; a time of spring cleaning. As a Pagan, I made a vow to clean my mind and body as well as my bedroom. I’m clearing my mind of a specific thing which, upon returning to my hometown, has been on my mind all weekend.

I know that I’m ready to be free. I’m ready to step out from comfort and SOAR. And I may need your support in that.

“5. Carry with you at all times: One Gentle affirmation, and one Power affirmation…

…Gentle affirmations are a necessity for our vulnerable days. That way, on our kick-butt days, we can really crank it up” ~ Christine Kane

I know a main issue for me has been the mind-body disconnection over this issue. And that’s why this month [the next four weeks], it’s all about ShivaNata.

“Knowing something in your mind is one thing. Moving that understanding into your body is another thing altogether. ” ~ Christine Kane

I’d not noticed the quiet shift until I looked back; reflected. And I saw the reliant girl who felt she’d never escape the remnants of her past.

“She’s been facing her fears and stepping into the spotlight. Suddenly, opportunities are pouring in. They’re good opportunities. She has taken lots of them just to get some experience.

And now, they keep coming. Every single week. ” ~ Christine Kane

And this is now. I’m noticing the synchronicity occurring; those perfect place and perfect time moments. The email saying “I was just thinking a second-year Psychology undergraduate would be perfect when I got your email” and the woman I meet on the train who has her own alternative therapies business and would love to give a talk for our society. The blog entry which explains how to deal with the exact thing I’m struggling with at that moment.

All these connections are flowing into my life effortlessly. I feel I’ve no clear direction, nor destination, yet I’m relaxed; trusting in the current and waiting or the next opportunity.

I just have to remember that during these moments of doubt and fear; to cuddle Kitten and have faith. To remember that this is my healing and that I can do this; I’m already doing this.