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ITALY – Recognition of Friendship – Part ii.

(Part i found here) Did I mention that I want to experience?

I have this friend at University, Aiyana, who has skydived, sailed and snorkelled in Australia with her family. She’s visited Hong Kong, America, Rome, France, Egypt, Tenerife, Jersey and Amsterdam.

She talks about travelling after University – about perhaps going to visit Buddhist temples in Thailand and experiencing all these cultures. I can see her joy at experiencing new things; learning about the culture and daring to give things a go. I can see her in a tent with [or without, for that matter] me at that Buddhist retreat next Summer. And I want to go.

I may have never understood students wanting to go to America for a year out; but perhaps I do understand her desire to experience culture and new activities. We’ve also had talks about how there’s so much culture and history in the UK itself; so visiting sites like the waterfalls in Wales [which I’ve been to] or Stonehenge; the Scottish lochs or the lake district are also great opportunities.

And on page 62 I read of Elizabeth’s friendship with Luca and I see Aiyana and myself.

The Buddhist teacher who leads our weekly meditation actually said to her last week that he’s enjoyed watching our friendship blossom. We’ve been getting close for nearly a year now and it’s been so perfect for both of us. She gives me the support and patience, the kindness and understanding while I make her laugh and do what I can to… in fact, I don’t really know what positivity I bring to her. I make her laugh and we dance around like children at a beach party when she’s feeling tired.

She’s helping me to learn patience and peace while I guess I’m a reminder that individuality and being passionate about things that really matter are important? And this book is reminding me of why we see each other daily/meditate/walk together, will be living together next year and then may go to that camp together. We fit into each other’s growth for now. She’s been helping me to heal.

ITALY – Recognition of Support – Part iii.

And on that note, who would sign my petition to heal in the comments or in their heart? Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s petition to be free from her ex-husband, I wrote one for myself.

Dear Pagan Gods,

Please help me to heal from this hurt. The negativity it now harbours (these patterns) are harming those close to me as I re-live the old, useless patterns of anger and sorrow.

There are many more in need than me, but I am also a child of your light and I feel that I am ready for this change. I have tried to heal via my own processes and now pledge to do all I can still, in that vein. However, I need your aid. I would not ask for help before because I did not feel worthy. But now I feel strong enough to do this with you; that I owe everyone who supported me something amazing and I know that once I’m further in my path of healing, I will be able to bring that to those I care for. I know that I have the ability to heal now; I’m ready for this change. I just need your guidance.

It is my humble request, that you help me to end this conflict with myself; to aid me as I seek patience and to provide guidance when I cannot see or hear my instincts well enough. I know that once I am on the right path (for me), I’ll be able to help people and will bring more light to them than if I do not heal.

I thank you for your attention, patience, support and kindness.
In trust, Rose.

As an idea of why I’m doing this, I’ll share an except of Eat, Love, Pray where Elizabeth’s friend, who is driving, talks her through the signatures:

I handed the petition over to her with a pen, but she was too busy driving, so she said, “No, let’s say that I did just sign it. I signed it in my heart.”

“Thank you, Iva. I appreciate your support.”

“Now who else would sign it?” she asked.

“My family.  My mother and father.  My sister.”

“OK,” she said. “They just did. Consider their names added. I actually felt them sign it. They’re on the list now. OK – who else would sign it? Start naming names.”

So I started naming names of all of the people who I thought would sign this petition. I named all my close friends, then some family members and some people I worked with. After each name, Iva would say with assurance, “Yep. He just signed it,” or “She just signed it.” Sometimes she would pop in with her own signatories, like: “My parents just signed it. They raised their children during the war. They hate useless conflict. They’d be happy to see your divorce end.”

I closed my eyes and waited for more names to come to me…

…The names spilled from me. They didn’t stop spilling for almost an hour, as we drove across Kansas and my petition for peace stretched into page after invisible page of supporters. Iva kept confirming – yes, he signed it – yes, she signed it – and I became filled with a grand sense of protection, surrounded by the collective goodwill of so many mighty souls.

The list finally wound down, and my anxiety wound down with it. I was sleepy. Iva said, “Take a nap. I’ll drive.” I closed my eyes. One last name appeared. “Michael J Fox just signed it,” I murmured, then drifted into sleep.”

Her petition was answered and I felt joy as I read about that success.

If you could sign my petition ( even if it’s now August 2nd 2013), to help a girl heal from a difficult past, please send a little note my way [even just in your head; sign my petition], or you can write your support in the comments.  I’ll do all I can to make sure that your signature will aid others as a bi-product of my healing.

And to all those who’ve written a petition like this; I’ve just signed it with my heart.

Many thanks,