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This weekend I’ve been playing around with some metaphors, including my safe-haven cottage; a dingy sailing the stormy seas; the state of being a creative muse and I’ve even been back to visit an old metaphor of mine: the mermaid.

The Feminine Metaphors

As I tried on each costume, I found myself drawn to the mythological state of “-esses” – enchantress, goddess, countess, sorceress, actress, hostess, adventuress, temptress, mistress and seamstress. If we’re not feeling too offended by politically incorrect discourse, we can even stretch to authoress and poetess. For me, the terms are poetic and appeal to me.

“Mistress has given way to master in the sense of one who has acquired expertise in something”

Personally, the idea of being a female expert at something appeals.

(information found at dictionary.com)

I tried on the costumes to do with magic and creativity and found that wearing the robes I’d associate with a sorceress or enchantress to be interesting. I didn’t like the feeling of being a countess, and I’m not qualified to be a seamstress. The most appealing, in fact, were enchantress and adventuress. As someone not particularly adventurous outside of metaphor, I felt I should try on the enchantress costume again.

The History

I visited this metaphor a few years ago, my friend was /’tɛmptrɪs/ while I was /ɛnˈtʃæntrɪs/ [temptress & enchantress spelt using IPA, as we love linguistics]. According to dictionary.com, an Enchantress is:

~ a woman who practices magic; sorceress.

~ an irresistibly charming or fascinating woman

Who among us wouldn’t love to be seen as the second definition? I could just imagine living life as a fascinating and charming being; an enchanter.

What’re your images/thoughts/preconceptions around enchanters?

So, upon reading about this character, I re-visited my list of traits… Havi style:

– Scholar
Every witch must research spells and have a basic understanding of the moon phase and how nature works.

– Patient
Magic takes time, effort and skill.

– Understanding
As the healer of the planet and village, she understand the quantum mechanics of energy [which she manipulates]

– Explorer/Adventurous

– A healer [witchcraft]
Enough said? Reiki practitioner and witch..

– Loves nature/animals
A Pagan with Druid tendencies.

– Creative [poet, dancer, painter, author, singer]

– Shining [Soaring!]
She’s a being of light, or whatever she wants to be.

– Lives in a cottage by the sea
She could well do; a little country cottage to work her spells from.

– has a cat
black kitten + witch… surely that makes sense.

– Loves picnics!
An enchantress is human, she’ll enjoy picnics, herbal tea, reading and dancing as much as the next person.

With that in mind, I spent the day in my cottage, working on some of the links to this life. The sage side; that scholarly witch who pours through the almanacs and planisphere; watching the seasons and writing up reports. I can be a human with scholarly work to be doing that’s not even related to being an enchantress. I don’t want life to be so defined by one thing, yet I want an open, flexible and empowering metaphor which could encompass my being; not necessarily my actions. So although brewing tea could be potion making, why not just be a modern-day witch who wants to make a cup of tea?

Perhaps that’s what didn’t fit about the muse. I went against my own beliefs. I believe highly that you should fit a religion around yourself; not change/squeeze yourself into a religious box. Yet what was I doing? Trying to fit my life into this box of definition.

I guess we’ll see how my metaphors grow over time; see if this costume fits for reminding me that life is joyous, and that I’m capable.

Enchantingly Yours,