Week three of my “cottage retreat” has arrived. My second week was only 3.5 days in the end, but I did relax over the weekend too, at my partner’s parent’s house; so I’m counting those days as well. The week was an attempt to focus on Poise, where I:

* Read Enchanted [Nora Roberts]
* Did Yoga, ShivaNata, Meditation & Reiki every couple of days
* Sang and danced
* Caught up on blogs I hadn’t read in weeks
* Met up with an old Friend
* Had meetings with a metaphor mouse
* Finished my 21-day commitment to daily Reiki self-treatments
* Spent two days with my partner, eating new foods and relaxing with his parents

Week three begins today, and shall contain four [8 hour] days of peace without parents. I’ve two choices really. I could choose the words Strength, or Quietude. I know what next week’s word is, and I know I want to get back into my strength exercises this week. I’m going to do yoga twice this week, and meditate daily. I want to practise ShivaNata daily and get outside for a walk once.
This week is also about work; apparently one of the coursework pieces should take us between 50 and 60 hours to complete… I figure I should start that while I have time. I posted an application form today too, so wish me luck!

Well, let’s go with Strength for now. I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s book; The Happiness Project this week, and have to confess I’m already in love with it. It’s a perfect meld of psychology and philosophy mixed in with real-life application and human opinions. Highly recommended.

I guess I better stop writing this and just get on with the yoga. I don’t enjoy it as such; but it makes meditation easier and does seem to make the day go smoother. I’ve just got to motivate myself to get downstairs.

Take Care,