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Feeling Right:
An Inspired, Very Long, Very Personal Ad With Many Metaphors

As I read The Happiness Project, I find things jumping out at me. For example, on page 66, Gretchen talks of the “feeling right” aspect in life. I guess that’s what I slid into as I settled into University life. Suddenly I was free from the same 7 meals in a cycle [my parents have a set 7-day menu]; I could read instead of tidy my room; clutter was minimal in student accommodation and I had a housemate I really got on with. Thus I had time to write blogs, read, dance, sing, chat and meditate. I could meet each need.

Then Gretchen goes on to talk about her career as an author and I recognised something. A part of me keeps writing. I don’t have the talent to turn a storyboard into a novel [though my ideas are good] and I feel that poetry is too much of a subjective topic to consistently feel good with [though I’ve been writing poetry for over 6 years].

However, I feel like one day, I’ll have a story I need to tell. And I know that if that happened, I’d be a good person to tell it; I’d have the skills to tell it. I feel in my core that I will be a writer of some kind.

When this hit me, I panicked over my degree in Psychology; but to understand life, a Psychology degree is useful; let alone when writing about characters. Thus my degree is to purpose; just maybe not the one I’d first thought.


Tonight, Josiane from Kimianak spoke on her twitter of teaching ShivaNata to some storytellers. And something in me recognised that as something I feel I could do. I recognised some potential. I saw the step and thought “yes”.

I do not want to be a teacher. But I want to teach. I’ve discovered I don’t want to teach children. Okay, let’s not quite rule that out yet, let’s say I do not wish to teach in an institution.

College, University; in both you have students who don’t wish to be there. They want the post-grad study or a decent job; but they don’t have a love of learning.

I do not possess the patience [and I highly respect those who do] to deal with those who don’t want to be there.

Life-coaching, writing a book, holding courses/retreats or selling products like e-books to my “right people” seems to really click with me. I have No IDEA how I could formulate this. How could I, a nineteen-year-old student who’s never had a job have something to offer others? What could I teach?

I’m not far enough along any path [shivanaut, minimalist, graduate, writer, painter, Reiki, psychologist, wild-plant-use] to be able to offer one service. I think the only thing I’m particularly skilled at is making people laugh and maybe visualisation. I’m not entirely sure how I could do that online or with strangers.

To be honest, I feel I’d want to split my focus and teach many things. Like Havi at The Fluent Self – she teaches ShivaNata, destuckification, biggification, monster-talking, calming-techniques, VPAing and more. To be honest, any of the blogs on my blogroll appear to cover a couple of topics.

The Mission

I read Havi’s page on the monster colouring book and one particular section of her letter spoke to both me and my monsters (Kitten was meowing):

“Part of my mission (and I say that in complete awareness of how cheesy and stupid that sounds but there just isn’t a better way to put it) is to be your Negotiator. It’s a kooky-ass gift, yes, but I can talk to people’s monsters. And they will talk to me. And I am immune to any of the crazy shit your monsters pull on you.“

Part of her MISSION is that she CAN DO THIS and thus DOES IT. She has something I wouldn’t have logically thought “she could use that gift to support her/her playground” and yet she does.

The Ad

So how could I do that with my own? You’re probably all raising your eyebrows at me now but that very idea just threw me. I could do what I love, what I’m good at; and I could support myself [at least in part] with it.

I guess that’s a VPA and a half, no?

So first I need to know what my skills are and then I can work out methods each could support me: either by relaxing me, providing me with money/gifts [skill-swapping] or building foundations from which I could get money/relaxation/growth.

This blog, I believe, is a safe haven for this kind of realisation [especially since I’m doing ShivaNata every couple of days]. Therefore I’m going to take Havi’s Very Personal Ad for her Playground and see I can use the template. I hope she won’t mind.
This is for Clarity.

What I know about you

You are a collection of skills I love; perhaps an enchantresses spell-chest or a locket with my special magical powers… yes, that sounds right. I’ve all these powers and I need a chest of tools. I need a wand and conical hat to channel the energies to those who need my help.

I know you’re a practical method of providing others with the help I can give.
You are charming, charismatic and thus enchanting.

You find yourself at home on this blog and you fit me like a glove. You may even be a form of beautiful spell-casting gloves I put on to distribute my gifts and services.

I love you. I love using you to reach people and I love the task of reaching them. I love using the gifts you channel.

You are light. You may even be wings because you soar. You shine and you’re an infusion of pure potential. Of goodness and of awe.

What it is like to be with you

I feel so powerful and capable and wondorous. I’m so buzzed and full of energy and I love everything about you.

I know that you will allow me to grow; to discover new powers and gifts; to learn as I teach. You will be the tool that helps me learn new crafts; and then to teach those new things.

You feel so right.

Where you are

On your way to me.

Pluses (We don’t have to have these things but we’d really like them)

It would be amazing if you gave me some form of foundation for supporting myself financially. Even if I couldn’t see how at the time. Perhaps you will lead to opportunities in a years time that then give me income. If I could gain substantial income from you. From loving you.

Important Qualities

Light. Safety. Possibility. POTENTIAL. Grounding. Soaring. Playful. Joyous. Belonging. Creative Inspirational. Not necessarily a new idea.  Magical is a MUST.

Ways this could work

You could find me via meditation, Shiva Nata or someone who post you to me [via comments, twitter or email]. I could see you for sale [a course, book or see how someone else does this via a blog].

Someone may read this entry and know how to help. Please, I trust you, email or tweet to me from my blog. I can ask around twitter and leave this on Havi’s next VPA post in case others can help you find me.

Remind myself of how important and how possible this is.

I’m going to focus on what it’s going to be like to be connected to you, and figure out the rest as things begin to move.

My commitment

To be patient.
To appreciate you.
To dance with and enjoy you.
To respect you.
To cleanse you regularly and only use you for good. For light.
To take care of you when you are in need of repair or replenishment.
To breathe.
To dance.
To cry.
To laugh.
To listen.

Thank you for reading and if you have anything that may help; please leave a comment, tweet to or email me.