It seems that I may not have internet for the next week. This makes things difficult. I met some more resistance about posting here; so this post is likely to be short.

Firstly, I want to point you in the direction of a collection of short letters written by Havi. I’d secondly, like to show you Elizabeth’s gorgeous poem without words; and finally, I should probably write something of my own.

A Review

The last four weeks have been interesting, to say the least. I read a few books and I explored my own healing.  I also had some interesting revelations about metaphors; finding one that suits me; I danced until I found some patterns and learnt to ask for help.

I did a bit of clutter clearing, exercised and meditated. I took some steps toward generosity and patience, and I drank an average of 8 cups of green/nettle tea a day. I’m looking forward to being back in Brighton. I’ll be able to take a step toward my possible careers, to eat 5-a-day and to give up chocolate again. I’ll be able to attend Pagan events [pub moots & Sabbats], to try new tai-chi/yoga/meditation styles and to spend time with those I care about.


I’ll miss the cats, and dislike doing washing; I’ll get annoyed with my housemates and I’m sure I’ll get stressed about exams. But overall, my health is better at University. I eat more healthily; I exercise more and I follow my heart.

Here’s to Summer.

Take care,


P.S.   I love Trees.