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I have so much to say, and no clue how to say it. I guess I’ll start with updates.

I’ve been making real headway from the Very Personal Ad I posted two weeks back. I’ve noticed opportunities I know I’d have shrugged off elsewise, I’ve signed up for some things and I’ve had a little breakthrough regarding how I can tweak my degree to point me in the right direction.  I’ve been jotting down notes in lectures, sitting on the grass between classes and generally filling a few pages of my notebook with mind-maps & lists. I love my lists <3.

Overall though, I wasn’t feeling too strong this week; so Thursday afternoon I sat down with a HB pencil and dug my putty rubber out from under all the clutter in my drawers. And I drew.  I drew myself, in my enchantress state.

It took three attempts and I went through three types of outfit. I’m not happy with the standard of my drawing when it comes to the traditional flowing robes; so I dressed her in clothes I’ve worn myself, as a reminder that she is a part of me; a facet of my personality: not some aspirational and unreachable ideal.

 It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Enchantress Rose.

And to bolster myself after creating her, I went over to Leonie’s site and bought her Goddess Workbook. I’ve no idea why I didn’t do it January when all my twitter friends were dropping praise for it all over the net, but I guess I wasn’t ready then.

Which leads me on nicely to the next point of notice. This week I’ve had a massive urge to support.  
I’m seeing people starting to teach, moving to their dream house in the country and I’m finding myself buying any workbook, course or teleclass I see; purely to support someone who’s following their dreams.  To see these people make a living from helping people and doing what they love; it’s inspiring beyond belief.  

So far I’m supporting Love That Room and Finding Your Thing, as well as the Goddess Workbook.

As a part of moving forward in my VPA-thinking, I did an interesting visualisation this morning. I sat down and worked out how much it would cost me to attend one of Havi’s events. Adding in costs of getting to/from airport + flights and food for those retreats without it included- I’m looking at between £3,300 and £4,900. And I want it. Sooo much. I’m getting some interesting vibes and I’m taking my visualisation to interesting places.

I also sat down and did a Tarot reading for myself.  Could it be any more cool that this?

An underlying theme of patience (relax and it’ll come to you) with the specific steps of Creativity, Ripeness – ready to share gifts & Possibilities.

So, things are moving, which is nice. Slowly but surely, I’m feeling right.