My laptop has died =( It’s either visual card/drivers failure or a loose/broken connection within the screen itself. It’s a little bit annoying, to say the least.

I’ve borrowed my housemates laptop in order to type this/check emails/twitter etc and since my written blog posts are all ona  hardrive I can’t access, I’m going to be a little brief and incoherant.

Yesterday, Aiyana and I went litter-picking at University; followed by a small ceremony at the eastern point of campus. It was great to get back into the spirit of celebrating the Full Moon and means I’m now really looking forward to celebrating Beltain this weekend.

So many people are doing amazing things at the moment, i’m not sure i’ll remember them all, but I want you to know I’m so proud of all of you and verily excited!!! Squeee!

Elizabeth‘s continuing her Reiki Journey, Victoria is doing this AMAZING workshop call, Lisa running her Love That Room course, Josiane teaching ShivaNata and a couple of people moving house.

You’re all wonderful stars.