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Unfurl those wings, baby.

I’m writing blog posts but they’re never making it here. About how I’m writing a sales page [without a product/service] and how I made my ShivaNata practise harder and how I’m writing love letters to my degree.

I’m fighting my conditioning (both in the Buddhist sense and the Psychological one) and discovering some really awesome techniques for re-writing those patterns within my own routines.

I had a mini-breakthrough this week about my career-direction. I want to help young/adults with psychological issues. That’s everything from mental issues and trauma to re-writing their inner dialogues and their relationships with themselves, time, others and work.  And I’ve made some headway on the best ways to begin that process.

Reach from the chrysalis.

I’ve a course this weekend and I’ve a verbal confirmation for a job for next summer. I applied for the position for this year and the organiser rang me to say something along the lines of:

“While you’re in university; in two different places with so many other things going on, it’s not going to be easy for you or for us but PLEASE DON’T BE DISCOURAGED, please I’m not rejecting you; we want people like you!!!!!!”

And my response was along the lines of: “awww, oh gosh she feels so bad and she’s really not happy about this”.

I asked if I were to apply again this time next year; when I’d be in one town for at least a year.

 “oh yes that would be wonderful, we’d love that – you’ve got all the right stuff”.

She went out of her way to make sure, as a rejected candidate, didn’t take it personally/ feel too bad about it. I totally see their point and I will re-issue my application next year. And I did what I could to reassure her in return, that I wasn’t discouraged and that I understood her position. That’s a wonderful thing.

Stretch and flutter.

So I’m writing a sales page for now; and I’m also drafting in phrases I’ll be able to use next year, like an updated version – including things both planned “I will have done X course” and things I wish would happen but can’t see how they would do so “I’ve got experience in Y situation”.

In effect, I’m hoping the future-page will act as a VPA and bring around those i-can’t-see-how circumstances; and hopefully with as little suffering (cue:Buddhist term) as possible (traumatic events often bring around side-benefits like these, but I’d like no more trauma, thanks.). [That’s my way of saying “I’m willing and ready to learn what I need to learn … in the least painful way possible.”, please don’t take that comment personally.]


What’s in the way of your dreams? How could you bring them about?

What would you write on your own sales page for where you are and what skills you could offer? How would it look in 5 years time?

May you Soar.
In light,