Working on my Stuff: A Link Edition: Depression

I’ve had major resistance to posting about my personal life, but it’s through adversity that we learn, and I want to teach help you through your own. Please be respectful with this post.

I’ve spent much of the past week jumping between high motivation and that edge of depression I haven’t seen for years.

And I’ve been wonderfully supported via Twitter and Email, especially by Sonja and Elizabeth; who have gone out of their way to give me advice and lend a listening ear.


And in these times I’ve also reached for the ever-reliable Havi Brooks for common sense solutions and a sympathetic kick-start. I guess she’s been a resource of strength, because I didn’t know what else to do.

This week, she wrote a post of Havi-style business advice that had so many useful links in it, I spent 3 hours straight surfing (as you might notice by the amount of linkage here). I read and absorbed all that intellectual knowledge (application is the hard part, I find) and found myself in a place of support and self-belief.

She reminded me that:
* you can trust (certain) others to keep you afloat when you can’t seem to tread water
* the secret to success = perseverance + working on your stuff
* it’s possible to heal deep-seated hurt
* it’s never personal
* there is time. It’s okay not to own the procrastination-dissolve-o-matic-thingmy, even though I’m impatient and I want it; I can take my time
* I can (potentially) find value in every moment
* naming things totally helps
* one thing is enough

And in that final post, I found a link to Buddhism.


Havi writes: “Some one things work faster than other one things. But it’s not about trying to find the right one thing, because all the little one things add up anyway.”

This week in the Buddhist Ideas course I’m co-running, we looked at conditionality. We looked at the example of how Stress could be conditioned by:

–          deadlines

–          expectations

–          poor health

–          lack of exercise

–          lack of sleep

–          feelings overwhelm

–          rumination

–          bad relationships

–          not-enough-time

–          etc.

And we discussed how removing any ONE of those things, would make an impact. Without that extra stressor; our stress would diminish. Then we talked about how some of those link in. Thus, by exercising, we increase health [thus removing those two from the list].

Doing one thing really is worth it. And this week, I got out of bed as soon as my alarm went off on 4/5 mornings, and I got dressed. I drank water and I didn’t worry if I missed breakfast or didn’t wash my hair. I had a gentle cup of tea, and I did one thing at a time.

And I made it; it’s Saturday. That’s all that matters.

P.S. Apologies to Havi. You’re just so awesome. I love stalking your old posts, because they make me feel supported and understood. Thank you.

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