Exams are approaching and my doubts have set in. I’ve not even been writing blogposts-ill-never-post. My writing has, effectively, come to a halt. In the last 6 years, I can’t name a day I didn’t do some form of therapeutic writing, until now. Anyway, I’m a bit behind with my new tradition [it’s not really traditional if I keep missing it] so lets get back on track.

This week, I’m asking for patience and destuckification.

The Background: 
I have a million small things to do. Baby steps for my own sweet, little thing.
I also currently  have much bigger, scarier MUST-DOs coming up. I have exams I need to pass and coursework I need to complete. And because of those things; the very idea of stopping to work on a little thing sparks guilt and worry. I am currently a big ball of anxious.

Here’s what I want:
– I want to get these things [both big and small] done in good time, with as little stress as possible.
– I want to find the windows of time and use them well: That little gap where I’m waiting for the kettle to boil or stopping to have a stretch.

Ways this could work:
-Shiva Nata.
-I could wake early – feeling alert and ready to tackle a task.
-Good night’s of sleep
-Taking a breath and just going for it
-Having a smaller thing suddenly fall into place

My commitment.
-To be open to new ideas.
-To work with a friend.
-To dance it up.

And the second for this week: Destuckification

Here’s what I want:
This week I noticed a pattern I have about finishing projects. I noticed a lot of resistance and labels.
– I want to learn more about this pattern, so I can reform it as a healthier habit.

Ways this could work:
-Shiva Nata!!
-Finishing small tasks and reflecting on how I feel

My commitment.
-To dance it up, to keep writing about it, to keep moving forward.
-To be patient if I have to move slowly.

An Update
My previous VPA is still in-progress, though I’ve survived week 1/14. I got a good night’s sleep, which was part of my ask. Many thanks to the powers who answer these.

And those are my asks for the week. What would you like answered this week?