– an incoherent link-filled post about making peace with money and soul-searching plans for the summer.

The Pieces

Exams are in full swing. Despite having 6 years of meditation experience, the stress has hit me this week and I haven’t felt much like blogging. As per usual I’ve got all these ambitious desires for the summer that most likely won’t come to fruition; as my most common pattern appears to be taking on too much and losing focus.

The Kindergarten

During the Summer Holidays, the one thing I miss the most are my weekly meditation sessions. I miss the routine of stopping, meeting my body and mind and taking a moment to refresh.

As my other half will be away in Cambodia and my friends on their own holidays; I’ve signed up to Hiro’s wonderful Sovereignty Kindergarten Teleclass in order to do a bit of inner-reflection and learning. One of my other main patterns for the holidays is to lose my personality. I’m living back at home with my parents and thus I revert back to a lot of my childhood habits; alongside feeling suffocated by the lack of friends and suddenly losing my sense of freedom. So having a once-a-week nudge to say “hey, it’s okay, just hang in there, let’s take 90 minutes to play. To create. To breathe and leave this world of social-norms” is perfect.

I’ve no doubt that I’ll be putting on my enchantress circlet and learning to wield that sceptre over the Summer.


This year seems so much to be about learning to invest in myself. I’ve gifted myself with:

Money Worries 

And although my funds are slipping… I’m happy. Many students are saving up to travel the world. I’m planning to go on a week-retreat next Summer; but beyond that, have no yen to travel; so I can spend that money on other things.

I started off just giving the odd £15-20 to people who were starting a business or following their dreams; and then I started buying stuff that was particularly useful to me, and it seems that since March I’ve spent £663.84 (987. 46$) which to a student who has never had a job, is a scary figure.

But in the greater perspective; I know students who will spend that amount on alcohol and clubbing during their degree.  I’ve always saved up birthday money and I can take pride in how many people I’ve helped to feed with those donations.

 Introducing my Slinky-Summer-Program

So I found these wonderful programs and courses and I’m planning to meet all these helpers during the summer. I have a notebook picked out, as I’ve missed writing by hand; and I’m going to just take my pick of doing one of those things each day.


To me, the owner of a butterfly-rainbow-slinky, this says Sovereignty like nothing else.

If I spend the day in bed, watching television; but do a single page of the Schmorian-Finding Workbook; I’ll be content. If I can meditation once a week; I’ll be content. If I listen to each Sovereignty Call a couple of times and complete that week’s exercise; I’m going to do all I can to be content: To take it slowly and to give myself the choice.

To be kind to myself.

I’ve forgotten to do that lately.
And I’m ready to get back to it.

 In Light,