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Taking Action as a Writer

When I told the careers lady that I wanted to write, I didn’t think I meant fiction. However, I’ve got a few possibilities for a story. Since my NaNo novel had a similar plot to the books I’d finished reading the night before I started – I can’t edit and publish it. Obviously I changed a lot but the basic idea, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable claiming the story as mine.

However, thanks to that, I can steal some of my characters and put them in a novel with my own plot.

The Action

I have 162 pages, comprised of 52,369 words of a novel. And I’ve ordered a proof copy. I designed the cover and thanks to NaNoWriMo; it was all free.  I’ve also entered a poetry competition.

And even if it all comes to nothing – I’ve said I won’t work toward getting my nano novel anywhere and i know hundreds of people enter these competitions – I’ve taken action. Despite my fear, which is trying to protect me from the “pain of failure”; I’ve entered (and have works-in-progress for another 2 competitions) and I ordered the proof, despite knowing the draft is far from read-able. I completed the tasks I set out to do, and that’s a skill that I need to develop.

It’s also good to know that if I wanted to write a novel, I have the resources to write 53,000 words of fiction. I can actually develop characters these days, and I can happily work toward a goal of writing, even if only for the pleasure of myself/my family.  

Are Results Everything?

Well, I’ll be sure to mention the proof once it arrives and if I do start another novel, again I’ll most likely be blogging about it. However, I think it’s important not to focus too much on entering only to win.

After all, seeing that proof in my bookcase will give me the memories; the motivation and the courage to pursue other things. I didn’t know that I’d end up with a proof, with a cover with my name on it, on a completed novel. It’ll be my reminder of magic, even though it’s only the second draft, and it sucks.

I guess it’s important to remember that even if you can’t finish something, you can gain.

In Light,