I’ve mentioned this urge to provide a service. I’ve volunteered – on a youth panel, for a rehabilitation charity and in a charity shop. Yet I want to help in a personal way. I want to help people, not only institutions.

But what can I offer? What do people need?

Introducing my sweet, little thing

This is my sweet, little thing.  And I’ve swaddled her up in a mountain of baby blankets in the shape of password protection.

Today, I’m going to let you hold her. -takes a deep breath-

Whisper “wingbeat” into her ear, and she’ll open her arms and ask for a cuddle.
And we’d love it if you could give lots of support and toasts in her honour. There is wine and juice by the door. And help yourself to a flapjack or piece of fruit.


Although it’s received a lot of support; I got cold feet and have cut down the page from four services to one; for now.  I’ve all four parts written up in preparation and a working (Thanks Ciaran for testing this!) paypal button.

I was lucky enough to read this wonderful post, just when I needed it. It reminded me that a new nymph, waiting for her wings to dry is a little unsteady – but we can offer a stable leaf and nourishment.

The Deal
I’ve also been in continuous communication with my main monster – “no one cares; it’s not needed”.

I made the deal with this monster, that I would open this blog post to comments – improvements, issues, possible orders and general questions. I’m also putting a simple request for loving wishes and interest.

 This is my sweet thing and she’s still fragile, but I’d love your suggestions as I’d like her to thrive- safe and well.

By the end of 2011, this page will contain four main services: Support, Guidance, Connection & Community.  

Questions I’d love some feedback on:
(either by twitter, email or comments on this post)

  • Should I offer the Silver Lining Cards on a different scale – perhaps 3 monthly?
  • Is there a silly spelling mistake anywhere?
  • Is anything unclear?
  • Would you be interested in this at a later date? Or now?

 And if anyone out there can help advise me on the insurance issues of providing long-distance Reiki or Tarot readings by email; please could you get in touch with me?

That’s the main thing holding me back on offering those services, and being in the UK, I’m finding it hard to find the legalities surrounding this.

Plans for 2011:
You are Not a Salmon

Many thanks and enjoy the wine!

In Light,