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I’m still working on my store and my novel; and I’ve not been checking in here because I’ve found that taking the next step is easier if I don’t let myself ask “is this a silly idea?” “oh, i need to do X and Y- which should I do first” or “oh i’ll just tell them what I’m doing today and then work…”.

So I’m over 32,000 words of my novel; with a plot in place [though i need to pad it out with sub-plots, else won’t reach my minimum word count] and I’m almost ready to open up shop.

I’m also trying to get back into some of my old rituals – simple movements like yoga when I wake up [or shivanata, now i’ve discovered it] and drinking half a glass of water first thing.  I’m journalling and I’ve got back into reading lately – read 5 books in just over a fortnight: Hurrah for taking time out each evening to read and to write.

 So, let’s check in with this~

Currently Reading:

The Philosophy Gym
Buddhism: plain & simple
How To Practise
Wights & Ancestors
Learn More, Study Less
How To Study Psychology
Dissertation Materials – papers/books/websites/previous work

Preparing to Read:
The Philosopher & the Wolf
Consciousness At The Crossroads
Inside-Out Simplicity

Novel – 32,087
Dissertation Notes
Brief outlines for store – excel spreadsheets/outlines for letters/ideas for quotes and pictures
Poetry for competitions
Gratitude journaling again [complete with drawings!]

Health & Movement
Daily shivanata/yoga
Daily exercise – physio for arms&legs
Water – first thing
Dance & Sing

Bought gig tickets with two friends from University
Added Psychfutures, Spirit Tribe and GPS communities to favourites bar
Updating my CV ready for job applications
Emailed KJ to book meditation for next term
Launching my community-service in August

And that list for 5 things kind of got large; with sub-divisions inspired by Notes from the Frugal Trenches, but we’ll see how I go =)

I’m just doing; a step at a time.

In Light,