I found this Influences meme on The Spilled Ink Athenaeum & Alchemy Lab and decided it looked like a fun reminder. I didn’t quite follow the rule of how many pictures of each size to use, but never mind.

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Rose’s Influences

Oh. Where to start. I love reading books – nonfiction or fiction, romance or sci-fi. I’m also currently writing my second novel. Books are the window to emotions and experiences I’ve yet to have. Examples include “Eat, Pray, Love” which gave me an idea of the experiences one gets when they travel and “The Celestine Prophecy”, which shares experiences of spiritual energy I’ve not had myself. Favourite authors include Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde, Theresa Tomlinson, David Clement Davies, Kenneth Oppal and Nora Roberts.

Cherry Blossom
Makes me think of haikus. Of The Last Samurai. Of Buddhism and perfection in every day. The everyday miracle and beauty. It’s also a personal symbol of my first love, which still makes me smile.

Aurora Borealis
Beauty in the every day – I’m going to jump to the bottom image of the moon because this is about my fascination with the sky. Stars, moon, planets, clouds – I’m fascinated by it all and nothing takes me out of a bad mood than a little sky-gazing. (i’ve never seen the Northern Lights, but it’s on my to-do list!)

Practical Magic
It’s got two good actresses in it, it’s about love conquering all and it’s got magic in it. ❤ Nuff said.

George Carlin
He stepped beyond the realm of “acceptable” speech and shared my love of linguistics. His angry rants got me through the trials of being a teen. The quote states “it’s not the end of an egg, it’s the beginning of a CHICKEN. It’s hen CUM ARHG!” from his sketch “Food”.

I’m a published poet [going to be published in another anthology this December] and writing my second book. I write short stories and poetry in my spare time and love the act of writing (Diary for example). Writing is a large part of my life; a form of transport from the everyday meanders of life.

I also draw, and paint with watercolour pencils [and won a competition when I was about 14].

I would never describe myself as “music is my life” like so many seem to. Yet, analysing my day, I can’t sleep without music on. I have the music channel on more than any other TV show/channel and I sing pretty much 10 hours a day. I can also vaguely play the recorder and piano/violin. I’m learning to play the Jews Harp.

I just loved this picture. It inspired me on the spot just for it’s colour and all the possibilities it could represent.

I LOVE water. The idea of being able to fit any container [situation] and to flow with life – to weave around the obstacles within the river and that no matter what path you choose, you’ll reach the sea. The I love its taste – drinking more water than any flavoured drink and I love to swim.

Having said that, I LOVE my herbal teas. The scents and tastes of each scent is a new inspiration to me. The feeling evoked are steady rhythms by which I meter my day.

Pride and Prejudice
I love the language, the society, Mr Bennet’s remarks and the fact that love conquers all. Enough said.

My favourite band, they speak out against the injustices of the world – with videos involving telling George Bush to shove it and another video of Sarah Palin getting covered in… stuff. Victims of childhood abuse and rape have used their music to speak out and gain control of their situations. Anything that helps people in that situation gets support from me.

The idea of having a pack. The ever-lasting love and support. They’re also gorgeous! Sparked when I discovered Shamanism and Native American Spirituality, the feeling of being a pack animal has always been present in me.

Particle Physics
I love quantum mechanics and learning about the elementary particles of quarks and leptons. I won’t go into too much detail, but the study of energy {and thus of magic} intrigues me.

Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry
I do like some of their sketches, but this is more about the people. Stephen Fry is well known for speaking up and speaking out. I’m also a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde, Theresa Tomlinson, David Clement Davies, Drew Barrymore, Eliza Dushku, Otep Shamaya, Kenneth Oppal and Nora Roberts. I love House M.D.

Walt Disney
Fantasia, anyone?
I watch a Disney movie at least once a week. My favourites are Robin Hood, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Swan Princess, Beauty and the Beast and Fantasia. The ideas within are so poetic and a few of the lines are amazing.
For example; in Disney’s Robin Hood, a 7-year old bunny says “DEATH TO TYRANTS!” when he attacks a chicken with a wooden sword.

You had to be there :p

Mythology is an amazing part of my life and how I’ve shaped my morals [see also: books]. My spirituality is another major contributor as are those who follow their own path. I’m incredibly inspired by those who shake off the expectations of society and follow their own way.

Gyr Falcon
If I could do anything in the world, I’d work with falcons.

     how could anyone think he isn’t just ADORABLE? I was smitten!
I visit the Hawk Conservancy once a year [don’t have a car, no public transport nearby] and know half of the birds by name. I love the idea and the sheer feeling of watching them fly. This visit, I fell in love with Hades, a Gyr Falcon who tilted his head. I yawned and he opened his beak and tilted his head at me. I was completely taken and now I’ll use him as an inspiring reminder of the simple things.

Any questions? 🙂

In Light