I’ve been ill, which made it easy to procrastinate.
I’m terrified of writing this post.
Partly, it’s a “I’m failing so I need to post” and the other part is “If it fails after this post, you’ve failed.”
That’s a double dose of failure-fear.
So, I’m going to keep this short and in theory, succinct.

Open Those Wings

I’m officially open for business in my little store – where there are hand-crafted poems, letters, pictures, emails and general love waiting to fly.

I also have little flutters of advice to share, for open-minded birds and insects.

 And I’ll soon be open with some etsy stuff, because I love that kind of craft.
If you feel that you need a gust of wind to get you up to the thermals, head on over and have a look at what I can offer:

The Soaring Store

  ~ Support & Guidance for Soaring; one wing-beat at a time. ~


In Light,