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Part i – Animation of Autumn & Spirit: sharing my excitement & musings on nature
Part ii – Emergence of Autumn & Ritual: sharing the move home & musings on community


I tread lightly upon the floor; bare feet meeting the warmth of carpet. It’s dark outside, the quiet murmur of birdsong slipping through the single glazed windows of my room. I’ve built an altar here, at last, to the spirit of my spirit. I light a candle upon the altar; rolling my shoulders to bring my body into motion. I draw the curtains slowly; mindful of the sleeping bodies in the rooms surrounding my own.

The morning sky is crisp and blue; circling around me as I stand, breathing in the air and stretching my muscles. A winged being, I float on the thermals of a sky born this very morning. I spend a few moments in the silence before grabbing my mp3 player and slipping my headphones in- a soft glow of Celtic music gently nudging me to wakefulness.

Pouring my herbal tea from my thermos, I take in the scent of familiar mornings. I’m moved. I experience. The candle is extinguished, a prayer of peace and compassion emitted as the flame is extinguished.


This, a routine for winter, reminds me of the light; focusing my morning before it has begun. However, it’s still autumn for now; the leaves just touching the earthen tones of brown and hues of orange.

Once my housemates awaken, I can dance. For now though, I slip into some playful yoga; the flailing art of shivanata; complete with rubber ducks. Now I’ve an hour to spend – writing, reading, listening. I have podcasts, novels, lecture recordings and text books; all for the taking.

Morning routine complete, I’m now ready to take on the day – showers, breakfast, the bus, lectures and all. I begin with today’s study material – lecture notes or seminar papers. On Thursdays, when I’ve no formal teaching, I can either review the week or prepare for Friday. This enables me to keep up with the week’s material; solidifying the lessons and read any text book chapters for the next week.

This way, my weekends are free for creativity. I can edit my novel, read fiction, draw, dance, sing and see friends. This is when I can write my blog posts; letters to clients, paint, research and seek jobs.


Autumn is also my time of space.

It’s interesting how my cravings mirror the balance each person seems to strive for. I want community; and quiet.

Last night, the second of my three house-mates returned [I hadn’t met her before].  So far we get on and she seems lovely; however, I stayed up until 2am writing and was woken by the sound of the hairdryer in the room next door… at 7:15am.

I swear she said she was going wash her hair last night… so I feel a little more… abruptly awoken than planned.  However, I’ve a cup of nettle tea from my thermos flask, I’ve Seth Lakeman playing and a candle burning.

Some mornings, that’s going to be the closest I can get; especially while my housemates wake earlier than me.

I’ll make the quiet in my soul and let it spread.

The Ask

Last night, in true Sunday fashion over at The Fluent Self, I wrote a Very Personal Ad for a smooth transition into this routine. Not so sure about the smoothness, but it got me out of bed and it’s now relatively peaceful.

Here’s what I want:

My morning routine is beautiful in my head. I’ve even written a blog post explaining how it is – what happens and how I feel in it. But I’ve never actually done it…

I’d like information and I’m asking for at least one full-run-through so that I can see what’s stopping me.

Ways this could work:

Both my housemates are waking between 7 and 7:30am tomorrow and then off to Uni by 8:30. That means the kitchen and bathroom will be in and out of use; I’ve asked them to wake me when they leave. I’ll have an hour to practice the ritual in a kind of slow “i don’t need to get up officially until 9:30am” way.

My commitment.

To be gentle with myself. To blog about it.
To get some tea.

I have tea, I’m taking it slowly and I’m posting this blog.
It’s all just practise, and there’s always tomorrow.