Earlier in the year, I had this interesting revelation. And thus, I began to write. And it led to a draft manuscript with proof copy.

The Fog Clears

This summer, I took the “good” scenes from this book and began a full re-write. New characters, new setting, new historical time and a totally separate plot.

It started life as the Goddess Artemis training a group of scholars; now it’s about Zeus and Uranus creating a prophecy when a government faction rises to power post-apocalypse…

Thus, I class them as two novels.

And I’m officially 80,000 words into my manuscript.

Phew. Yes, that IS as much as it sounds. And the end is thus in sight. So, obviously, I stalled.

The Blocks

Since I passed 70,000; I’ve been having issues meeting my daily writing goals. This is day 46 of writing, and I’ve lost the plot. Quite literally.

This story began life as a romance – one woman, dedicated to the Goddess Artemis, trapped on an island and a man who rescues her. They fall in love. But another woman loves him. Blah.

As stipulated earlier; that’s not how it’s turned out. There are three romances within my 15 characters; but they’re mere sub-plots.

I’m not quite sure what my plot actually is. And I’ve lost motivation. I’ve done all the nice action-y bits and I’ve left myself notes like “deepen X’s character – mention his Y trait” which I need to expand to at least 1,000 word scenes. Basically, they’re boring to write. Essential to build character; and I’ll have interesting sections; but the scenes themselves are for deepening or setting; which are full of boring description or require a lot of thought of how to word characters feelings.

And I’ve left them until last. Oops.

A Glimpse

As I’ve learned that accountability is a key motivator for me, I did an overview of the main arc and I’d like to share this with you. It won’t mean a lot and it’s main purpose is just to be “they know you’re close to finishing; thus you better finish soon”.

But I think you deserve a little glimpse of the story, so I’ll include the list commonly found in signatures on the NaNoWriMo forums. Enjoy.

I’m also open to suggestions [no alien invasion or time travel though please] and questions. Leave a comment 🙂

Most Words in a Single Day – 5,927
# of Chapters – Hell knows, I’ll put them in at the end. Around 20-30.
# of Characters [named] –24
# of Points of View – 11 + combinations (group X are with group Y for a scene)
# of Goddess Visions – 0
# of Murder Scenes – 3
# of Sex Scenes – 2
# of Dragons – 4
# of Sword Fights – 1
# of Plot Twists – 5
# of Unexpected Story Derivations – 4
# of Guns Shot/Arrows Fired– 6
# of Criminals Met – 3
# of Supernaturals Encountered – Around 72.
# of Injuries Incurred – 10?

# of Missed Meals – 3
# of 4th Wall Breaks – 1
# of Cups of Tea – >60
# of Bottles of Cherry Coke – 2
# of Conversations with Self – 100?
# of Headaches – 4
# of Unexpected character actions – 6
# of 3am’s Seen – 15


And the deadline for passing 90,000 words is 23rd September.

That’ll give me a week off [generally you’re meant to take off 3-4 weeks before editing, but I haven’t time] before the first edit occurs.

I’ve got to have something to enter before the end of October. Wish me luck!

In Light,