October is Here. Autumn is underway and the cold chills of English mornings settle around me. It’s windy and wet outside; the cloud covering grey.

If we had a fire, this would be the time to stoke the logs and get ready for the dim light of flame.


~Samhain/Halloween October 31
~ Full Moon 23rd October


~apples! [Apple crumble]

~nuts and seeds

~elderberry drinks





~sweet potato with rosemary ^_^


~purge items

~full cleaning ritual

~ready the warm clothes

~begin seeking gifts

~craft ^_^


~air out house


~enter October poetry contest

~edit Seven Sisters

~prepare plot of forth novel for possible NaNoWriMo

field trips:

~maybe join community choir/fencing/circus/creative writing/physics groups

~pub moot 21st and grove ritual 30th

~yoga, trance dance, talks, general walks in nature


~solstice gifts


~reading! with chai tea!

This month also focuses on community and re-building connections – with University friends I’ve not seen for 4 months and with new people in my voluntary jobs and societies.


+ mondays – volunteering 4-6pm

+ tuesdays – run meditation 4-5pm
+ tuesdays – creative writing 7-9pm

+ wednesdays – circus society/ pagan pub moot 8-10pm

+ thursdays – volunteering 10-4pm

+  ten hours formal teaching per week

+ associated training days for those voluntary organisations

daily aims:

+ write – novel, blog, study

+ read – textbook, novel, nonfiction, journal articles

+ exercise – stretches/dance/shivanata

What are you planning this month?

In Light,