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So, my theme for the month is Connecting. On Community.

Today, I went for a 30 minute walk with my housemate. Then I cooked while she ate in the kitchen; and we chatted as I ate. Community. Discussion. Space from technology; no music or phones.

Community Spirit

Through the next week, I’ve got so many plans – it’s the first week of University after four months off. The rough plan so far is:

Monday – volunteering 12-2 & meditation 6-7

Tuesday – dissertation meeting 3-4 & meditation 4-5 & gig [the birthday massacre] 7-11

Wednesday – tai chi – 7-8

Thursday – volunteering meeting 1-4

Friday – my other half comes down

So I’ve a bit of a busy week when you add lectures and travel.

And then I watched this. It’s long, but so worth it. I’ve read Tim Ferris’s book, I read Leo’s blog and have one of his books. The video talks about meditation, zen practise, waking early, habit formation, motivation, healthy space-taking and work-play balance.

Some phrases and tips I’d heard; others were new to me. It’s good to be reminded and good to learn.

Discipline, as you may know, is something I struggle with.

“Dancing with that limitation. Finding the edge of your limitation and dancing with it.” – Susan O’Connell


I dance. That’s my connection. Movement touches my spirit and is a meditation I can connect through. And that reminded me of Balance.

Balancing with Self-development

Exercise. – Shivanata. Dancing. Free weights. Stretches. Yoga. Breathing exercises. Walking.

Aim: 20 minutes a day of any combination of those.

Reading. – Writing books, core texts, journal papers, blogs.

Aim: 30 minutes a day minimum.

Quiet-space. – Meditation. Writing on my patterns. Analysis of my plans/behaviour, Breathing exercises. Walking.

Aim: two 20 minute sessions in the week.

Sustenance. – Junk-food-free day. Five-a-day. Water first thing. Breathing exercises. Yoga/stretches. Fruit juice. Fresh meal.

Aim: two of the above each day.

Writing. – coursework, dissertation notes, blog, novel, diary entry.

Aim: thirty minutes a day.

Now, a lot of those overlap. Today, I did: Walking. Free-weights. Fully fresh meal [tuna and sweetcorn rice with thyme sauce]. Pattern-analysis. Reading journal paper. Reading Blogs. Blog-writing. Dissertation notes.

Which means I’ve done 20 minutes of Exercise, Read for 30 minutes, done one of my twice-weekly Quiet sessions, met the Sustenance goals and Written enough.

The only thing that I had to put effort into was the cooking and the walk. And they were so worth it.

If you felt you could dance with your limitations – what would you incorporate?

In Light,