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“Dancing with that limitation. Finding the edge of your limitation and dancing with it.” – Susan O’Connell

I mentioned last time that Community is my word for October and I’ve certainly been experiencing it.

The feeling at home is certainly one of connection. Emma and I spent 2 hours doing the crossword together, Hannah and I spend hours chatting, watching silly TV show clips and movies and Friday night some friends came over and we watched a movie with some wine. Tonight, two of us are going to see Eat, Pray Love at the cinema, and tomorrow is the monthly pub-moot.

My housemates and I have plans in place for a fortnightly cooking session where we all cook a meal together, or all go out for a drink together; just devote time to being together for one evening.

So how is it going?
I’ve had a low week, avoiding some of my usual clubs; and yet the connections are still strong. I now have a schedule for the week in place that looks a little more like this:

Monday – lectures 9-11 & youth panel meeting 4-6 OR meditation 6-7
Tuesday – lectures 9-11, seminar 2-4, meditation 4-5 & write club 7-10
Wednesday – seminar 11-1, meditation – 2:30-3:30 [& monthly pub moot 8-11]
Thursday – volunteering 10-4, spiritual society meeting 7-9
Friday – lectures 12-2

So far this week, I’ve had 135 minutes of exercise, met the minimum reading and writing quotas and will have done 40 minutes of quiet by the week’s end.  Although yesterday, I had fruit juice and did 15 minutes of shivanata; my “sustenance” item is the hardest to keep up with.

Last night I met another limitation of mine.
I went got off the computer at 10:35pm. Not midnight, not 12:30, but 10:35. I practised Shivanata until 11 and read until 11:45pm. And was likely asleep by 12:15.

And Today?

Last night’s activities allowed me to get up at 7:45, even though I didn’t need to be up until 9:30am.  In a way, dealing with the limit of my “you’re awake, you must stay up at your desk until you tire” monster, meant that my “you-don’t-need-to-get-up-this-early” monster was still fast asleep.

And that meant I could have some grapes and fruit juice with my cereal; instead of rushing out of the door with just toast. Two sustenance items almost ticked off.

What limits are being put on your life? How could you gently change that? What effect would this have?

In Light,