November is Nigh. Autumn is well and truly here and we’ve turned the heating on in our house. The English mornings make me huddle under my covers and re-set my alarm. The gloves and scarf are out, ready to face the icy frost of Winter’s promise.

In October I found myself a routine for dealing with the new season, meditated on my future and cleaned the house at every chance I got. My instincts to clear the rubble and check the flue are active at this time and the only thing more important is a constant stock of Chai Tea; the most wintery of drinks.

I entered another poetry competition, did NOT send my manuscript off to publishers [it’s so not ready] but did try Qigong [painful much!] and joined the creative writing society. We had a Halloween Housewarming party and I attended the open ritual for the Sabbat of Samhain. I also completed my 150 hours of volunteering and am hoping to apply for the Vimpact certificate soon.

And now, November is here and she promises many an experience beneath the leaves of holly.


~ Celtic New Year November 1st
~ Full Moon 21st November


~ pears!

~ raspberries!

~ carrots

~ potatoes

~ parsnips

~ swede

~ leeks



~switch to winter wardrobe

~make gifts

~art ^_^



~ cook with spices



~ November poetry contest [yes, another]

~ consciousness portfolio, philosophy essay, biology assignments x2

field trips:

~ possibly pub moot 17th

~ weekly walk in nature

~ a gig

~ house nights

This month also focuses on quietude; a somewhat appropriate theme for the dying winter and hibernation instincts. Looking inward is a good way to meditate on the changes you’ve undergone. I’ve a routine now, enough time for both rest and work; and I can settle into it with a smile and silent eyes.

daily aims:

+ write – novel, blog, study

+ read – textbook, novel, nonfiction, journal articles

+ exercise – stretches/dance/shivanata/walk

+ wake by 8am

What are you planning this month?

In Light,