It’s cold out, we can see our breath on the air [at least here in the UK] and the storms have set in.

However strong the desire to write a post, I’m stuck in a rut. So I’ll just put some lists here to give a brief update. Stay Safe.


This week’s VPASimple transition to complete tasks

– I want an easy transition to cross 10 out of 15 items on my to-do lists and to get it done with space and time. With no loose ends, pretty please.

I’m so grateful for:

– my other half. He was so supportive last week while I was dealing with old patterns. I saw him this weekend and he was so patient and got my mind off things.

– a safe journey home. The train journey back was manic with cancellations, changes and having to travel to Clapham to get from one south coast town to another. [Southampton to Brighton]. I got through it, and I’m home safe and well.

– tea. I love spending time with my other half, but he has limited tea resources. I’m always so grateful for a cup of chai, jasmine or nettle when I return.

– music. It got me to his house, then home through the train changes and now as I’m doing some work, it’s here to keep me focused.

– community. I had three friends to text on the train home. I’ve come back to find a “how are you, we should meet up this week” message from another. I feel loved, accepted and just.. safe. I’ve support and connection here. I’m so blessed to have that.

– food. I was well fed. I’m so lucky that I have enough food to eat, and to share with my friends.

– writing. I got back into novel-writing and I’ve realised how blessed I am to be able to escape into another world.

– time. I have enough time. At this point, I’ve enough to time to fit in everything. I just need to remember that and use it wisely.


This week’s To-Do:

– Dissertation Ethics form
– Dissertation Statements
– Dissertation Meeting with Tutor about above two items
– Neurobiology Report
– Neurobiology Paper Presentation
– Consciousness Concept Diary
– Consciousness Presentation Write-Up
– Right Here Paperwork
– Chase up placement emails
– Lead meditation
– Novel-write
– Sort out Seidr night
– Finish 2 books that have been lent to me
– Daily Shivanata


And rewards –

– Seth Lakeman gig, [wed]

– Meeting a friend for lunch [tues?]


Tonight, I light a candle in gratitude for being here; safe and well.


In candle Light,