December has reached us. And brought a carpet of snow to stay. Autumn seems short-lived here in England, where we  normally get our snow in February, if at all. The heating is on continuously, we’ve pulled out the coats, gloves, bedsocks and the kettle’s constantly being boiled. The sense of community is tighter than ever, and we’re moving into evenings spent in bed with movies and warm drinks. This morning, my housemate and I shared breakfast sitting on her bed with the covers and a hot water bottle.

In November, I put down the dustpan and slept in. I watched movies until early morning and huddled up with my book.

I entered another poetry competition, worked on novel number 3, attended a voice circle, attended a Fire Garden with my other half, got my first paid job and attended two gigs.

December is now upon us and she promises to be full of quieter moments..


~ Yule Buffet with other half’s family  December 19th
~ Yule December 21st
~ Full Moon December 21st
~ Christmas December 25th
~ New Years Eve December 31st


~ pears!

~ apples!

~ carrots

~ potatoes

~ parsnips

~ swede

~ leeks



~go home from uni

~find/make gifts





~ edit manuscript 2

~ write manuscript 3

~ consciousness portfolio, philosophy essay

field trips:

~ play in snow?

~ a gig

~ lunch at the Crepery

~ home

Again, the quietude of snows blanket is reinforced here. I had a couple of interesting revelations and want to spend some time in my Safe Room; nurturing my hibernation instincts and reflecting on the year.

daily aims:

+ write – novel, blog, coursework

+ read – philosopher and the wolf

+ exercise – stretches/dance/shivanata. Maybe yoga.

+ wake by 8:30am

What are you planning this month?

In Light,