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The Background

My computer and my music player have some issues.

It stops playing the music.

And everything freezes. No warnings, no error boxes; nothing… And then, it’ll start on it’s own; just where it was without skipping or losing it’s place or anything. It all works fine again.

I can find no pattern in the cause. And believe me, I’ve tried.

The Strategy

At first, I’d Ctrl, Alt & Del. And that would freeze everything. And I would force the music player to shut down and it would lose it’s place and any songs I’d added since its last shutdown.

I was filled with emotions:

Frustration, lack of control, anger, confusion.

I felt victimised and helpless.

And then I decided to just sod it all and make a cup of tea.

The Resolve

Now; it resolves itself.

I give it a few minutes to catch up with itself and then it will pick itself up, dust off the dirt and carry on singing.

As if nothing happened.

I decided; why worry?

In fact, if I go and make a cup of tea, it’s usually just started singing again when I return.

The Pattern Becomes a Sign

So this is my “time for tea” signal. When it crashes, I take a moment to breathe, and then ”I guess its time to go make some tea”. If I still have some tea in my cup, it’s a time to look around and put 5 away items that are cluttering my desk [and shouldn’t be].

The Realisation

“Could I do this with the rest of life?”

Life is made of ebb, flow and quiet. Things halt.

The Flow

I need X or Y to continue.

The Block

X isn’t home, Y are only open mon-fri..

The Path

Why don’t I get some tea and see if any other options are vailable when I return?

The Passages

Could W do X’s job?

Could I text X and find out when they’re home?

Can this wait until Monday for Y?

Options: Passages

A note about passages taken from Processing the Process by Havi Brooks: An amazing journal of processing and conversations with dryads.

* Obviously, buy it for the full details; this is more for those who are really familiar with her work and/or my own reminder*

( I also hope she won’t mind me sharing this reminder with you )

Passages are possibility of movement.

Every passage is the right one; and if not, it can lead to the right one as you always have the choice to take a new passage out of it.

They are everywhere – There are always more.

All have something to teach me.

Need to stay sovereign & receptive to the new passages that reveal themselves to you.

I hit a block, sat in my sovereignty within the “this is the right place for me at this moment” feeling and looked around for new passages to get me around the block.

This is me, working on my stuff and making progress in the process.

In Light,