I keep starting new posts about words I wish I’d chosen, how words are my life, what actions I’ll actually be taking etc etc.

But I’ve decided they don’t matter. For January, I’ll pick a word, and that’ll do for the month. I can always change it in February.


So. January’s aim is a form of fitness/wellbeing.

I know everyone chooses fitness in January so there should be plenty of enthusiasm from others at the beginning of the month. I also hate the term fitness.

So I looked for synonyms.

I looked at the aspects that I want to get from it. I’m not interested in salads; in weight-loss or running a marathon. I’m interested in physical strength and in physical energy: vitality. In order to choose one word that covers both, I went to the synonym section of word’s thesaurus. And oh look: Strength covers health, fitness & vigour.

This is January of Strength. And in a form of patterns, this follows 3/2/1    [or if you like to see my nerdiness, 11, 10, 01]

iii – I shall commit to 15 minutes of exercise a day – hopefully 5 stretching, 5 of yoga/shivanata & 5 spent walking/running/weight-lifting.

ii – I shall commit to eating my 5-a-day & cooking 3 meals a week from [almost] scratch

i – I commit to meditating 3 times a week

The Block with ii. Food

I’m a fussy eater – only eating chicken, turkey, pork & tuna; and one green vegetable and pretty much no salad. Recipes are hard to find.

I basically live on rice, pasta, potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, sweet potato, broccoli & cucumber.

So if you have any food tips or quick, healthy meals that I could easily tweak/involve those ingredients, please share them with me!

What are your plans for January, for the year ahead, and what are your favourite quick recipes?

In light,