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My word for 2011 is Strength.

It’s been on the list for about 6 years now and never been picked. So I’m picking it now. For January, I’m not picking a separate monthly-word as I let strength settle into its new home.

I will bring those other facets of integration, emergence, enchantment, inspiration, resilience, perspective, adaption and direction in; but when they feel right – for one, two or three months each; we’ll see. If they spill into 2012; so be it. I’m not going to let society pick my time limits for growth, learning and healing. I’m going to follow my own rhythms.

For the last three years, I’ve looked at the idea of a word-for the-year.. and felt afraid. I read all these transformative accounts from other bloggers; of how they lost everything in order to find their word and now everything is better.

I didn’t want to lose everything. I don’t want to risk my comfort to reach the next level. I couldn’t. So I chose the quiet words.

If I pick resilience, will life give me so many challenges to overcome? If I pick strength, will life break my back?

I’m ready to step forward now. And I’m choosing strength.

What are you choosing?

In Light,