January is here! 2011 is nigh! And the snow’s no longer shimmering. Happy New Year!

It’s Winter. Enough said.  I’m moving back to my University room next week; ready to tackle learning again.

In December, I sat back and watched the river flow. I’d just washed ashore from the currents, took a while to dry out on the beach, and December was a time to hold my friends afloat.

I worked on the novel, attended a gig, represented Brighton on a National Panel for Mental Health, hosted a Yule Buffet, opened presents on the Full Moon, read a book and finished the first drafts for three pieces of work.

January is a month of renewal, soft promise and gentle sweeping snow.


~ Full Moon 19th
~ Other half’s birthday 20th
~ Our anniversary 26th


~ oranges

~ swede

~ parsnips

~ walnuts

~ leeks

~ chard

~ sprouts



~go home to uni





~ write manuscript 3

~ consciousness portfolio, philosophy essay, dissertation

field trips:

~ meditation

~ one-in-four mental health training 13th

~ pagan pub moot  19th

It’s been quiet; I’d like to hold on to my resolution to inspire & enchant during this month of increasing pressure. And to embrace my monthly philosophy of strength.

daily aims:

+ read – women who run with the wolves

+ exercise – stretches/shivanata/weights.

+ meditate 3x a week

+ cooking from scratch

+ wake by 8:30am

What are you planning this month?

In Light,