February has arrived! Spring is on it’s way! Imbolc is passing and the sun has spent a couple of days shining. Though it’s still hovering at 0-3 degrees.

Winter will be ending. We hope. I’m in the midst of everything; busy every day and exhausted most evenings.

January has just pulled the carpet out from under my feet, so I’m hoping for a more stable February. I’ve signed up to take part in studies, to give my first campus tour, I’ve started bellydance & yoga classes and I went on a mental health training day. I attended the druid Imbolc festivities and even took my other half to the beach to watch the sunset. And of course it was cloudy. But we saw the famous starling spectacle around Brighton pier instead.

February is time to break out my cocoon. Yet I feel the fear of cold. So maybe I can hang around a little longer. This is my month of inspiration.


~ Imbolc 1st/2nd

~ Full Moon 18th


~ parsnips

~ potatoes

~ swede

~ onion

~ leeks

~ sprouts


~ incense

~ tea


~ write manuscript 3

~ philosophy essay, dissertation, clinical essay, speech essay, two presentations,

field trips:

~ meditation

~ campaigns training 5th

~ pagan pub moot  16th

~ sit on steering group 17th

~ communication training 23rd

As always, I’d like to hold on to my resolution to inspire & be inspired during this month of increasing pressure. And to embrace my philosophy of strength.

daily aims:

+ read – the monk who sold his ferarri

+ exercise – stretches/shivanata/weights.

+ meditate 3x a week

+ cooking from scratch

+ wake by 8:45 am
What are you planning this month?

In Light,