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It’s the end of January. It’s darn cold outside, though sometimes sunny, and it’s still dark around 5pm.

Let’s have a quick update on my year-long challenge set:


Meditation; spirit/strength of mind.
I have been mildly attempting this, though not with much success. However, with habits, it’s all about showing up. I did manage what I’d say were 3 successful meditation evenings; not bad considering I expected one a week.

Diet: energy/vitality.
My diet has varied. I have been having fruit salads for lunch, and I started cooking parsnip – a vegetable I don’t usually buy. I’ve been preparing raw carrot and I added some sultanas to my boiled vegetables one night. I made potato bake last three nights, actually cooked pasta with a sauce, tried some quorn products and even had some tuna. I’ve also been taking grapes and dried berries to university as a snack. However, my junk food intake it still high as I finish up the Christmas treats, and I did end up skipping lunch a couple of days.  But it’s a promising start.

Exercise; physical strength.
I’m getting back into daily stretches/dance/shivanata. Slowly. I now also attend yoga & belly-dance classes once a week.  Again, it’s slow progress; but I’m moving forward and trying not to beat myself up for the days I miss.


Strengthening aspect for Month II
Having chosen “strength” for the month, I’ve found myself feeling weaker and weaker. My knee’s have been playing up, my back and neck aching to the point of tears and I’ve been emotionally struggling. I’ve tried to step back and see this as “interesting”, but I’ve been thinking about changing tact for a month. Obviously, strength is my word for the year; but I think focusing on a smaller aspect will help with the overwhelm.

Having said this, I’ve been asking in my Very Personal Ads lately for direction and focus. I have been making decisions around this and I’ve been getting somewhere with it all.  Thus, this month I’ll be writing applications and my dissertation; trying to find creative ways of fitting everything into each day. Thus, my word for February is going to be inspiration.

What will yours be?

In Light,