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In November, I decided I was strong enough to face this public-speaking fear. I decided I’d never get over my panic in crowds if I didn’t have positive experiences with crowds and speaking.

Dancing With Limitation

So, I applied to be a Student Ambassador. I got through the application process and I attended the “training”. Basically we discussed the pros and cons of University and they gave us a pamphlet of information to tell people when we gave tours.

Two weeks ago, I replied to a request for ambassadors. Yesterday, I worked my first shift.

Face the Fear

Thankfully, the school we were taking round arrived late. This gave me a chance to meet two other new girls and ask questions of the three experienced members of the team. One girl has given over 100 tours and only remembers 3-4 that were negative.  She said it was good this was only a 4-hour shift, with no afternoon activities, but being year 11 girls school; it probably wasn’t ideal as a first job. I was grateful for her honesty.

Despite the normal size of a group being 6-8 people, I had 15 to look after. However, this allowed me to use it as an use “sorry, we usually have more people but we’re doing our best” and such.
At the end of the tour (having forgotten to tell them about half the stuff I was meant to), I said it was my first tour and was there anything they expected that I hadn’t done.

The Evaluation

As they got on the coach, we flipped through their evaluation forms. One girl had written in the “any other information you want us to know” section that she enjoyed my tour and my jokes. She named me on the form as a good tour guide, and she’d put at the top that she’d got answers to her questions about the subject she wants to take.
I’m not sure I inspired any of them to go to University, or even to come to Sussex. But I think I did give a little relief and hope to that girl who wants to do medicine. And that makes everything I did worthwhile.

If I inspire even one person during the next few months of doing this job: That’s enough for me.

What could you do if you set your mind to it?

In light,