It’s half-way through the month; time for a little update on my 3/2/1 challenge of the year.


Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
I spent three nights doing a full self-treatment of reiki. My meditation practise has been a little slack; but I’ve done a bit of yoga and reiki involves a certain amount of meditation. I’ve been showing up; and that’s enough.

Diet: energy/vitality
My diet hasn’t been amazing; but I have been getting up early to make the most out of my day and avoid over-exerting myself. I’m still taking grapes and dried berries to university as a snack; and buying tuna sandwiches over chocolate bars. I’ve been showing up; making slightly better choice.

Exercise; physical strength
This has been my slowest progression so far. I’ve been doing push ups a couple of times a week and going for short walks/dancing for 15-20 minutes. I’m still attending yoga and bellydance classes; though will be missing three weeks in a row due to half-term and other commitments. This means I want to up my shivanata and free weights for the rest of the month if I can.

However, I said that this month is about my academic work and that must come first. I can always get back on the exercise from mid-march.

In light,