I’m a scientific theist. A pantheist and half an animist; in fact.

I believe in souls; that everything is made of conscious energy and that there is a higher power aspect of that consciousness. My terms of theism can be summed up as:

Pantheism – “god” is everywhere/thing.

Animism – non-human entities have a spiritual souls

Manifest – see here for my thoughts on manifest deity.


However, I’m also a scientist. I took a course on quantum Physics; where I found myself able to believe [with ease] that the universe is nothing but energy; that particles can be in two places or states at once and that string theory has a lot going for it.

My psychological and neuroscientist training tells me that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviour are the result of chemical neurotransmitters; much like electricity down wires.

I’m sceptical of homeopathy and even a little sceptical around chakras [there being somewhere between 7 and 90 depending who you listen to].


Science meets Spirituality

However; in college I took a course which gave us a basic understanding of the history, ethics & philosophy of science. And we were asked to find something that wouldn’t be considered scientific; to analyse it for scientific “worth”.

I chose to look at the possibility of energy healing. I was already working with Auric energy and doing distance healings. I believed in the energy of the molecules in our body – blood moves via kinetic energy and we let off heat [thermal] and so on.

I knew we were energetic beings.

Two books I found particularly useful were The Field (by Lynne McTaggart) and The Biology of Belief (by Bruce Lipton). They outlined the physics of energy found in our biological bodies and discussed how we can alter our biology via thought. If I visualise a tiger behind me; I can increase my heart-rate. If I imagine a warm fire; hear it crackling in my mind; I can stop myself shivering in the cold.

Our minds and bodies are connected.

Therefore; it made sense to believe that by focusing on body parts with the intention of healing; directing energy to them – I could alter that chemistry as well.




Reiki isn’t a specific fix. If you have a bad back; doing Reiki on the back won’t specifically help that. However, having a couple of Reiki sessions will help the body to use its energy well. It may well send that increased energy to your back; especially if you and the practitioner are both focusing your mental intent on that area.

Even the most sceptical scientists [like my other half, who is a medical student] agree that relaxing the muscles in the body; thinking positive and loving thoughts can resting will lower your heart-rate and blood pressure. This in turn, allows the nervous system to focus on healing instead of on keeping your heart rate steady or keeping your mind focused on your work.

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With tarot and rune readings, I’m focusing my mental intent upon the insight. Our brains filter out 98% of all information we receive. When you wlak down the street; youdon’t notice every persons hair colour or car make and model – you only keep the information that is important – the hole in the pavement you mustn’t fall into and the people you mustn’t trip over.

With insight readings, I’m calling upon the information subconsciously picked up. I’m being presented with options and I apply them to my knowledge.

For Example

If I get offered a promotion and want to know if I should take it; I turn over the 3 cards meaning:

Past: Joy
Present: Step Back
Future: Clarity


This does not mean I can forsee the future. It does not mean that I must step back from the promotion. It’s a nudge saying “Hey, have you looked at the big picture? Are their other options?”

It asks “Have you got all the details – are you CLEAR on the terms of the contract?” and “Have you been happy in this job? Could you still be?”

In this way, the runes and cards are just a little checklist saying “have you thought about this?” Often, it’s something I haven’t thought of – allowing me to be proactive in my life decisions.

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In Light,