It’s April. Happy Fools Day.

I’m trying to get as much writing done now I have the time to spare; hoping to get a good range of articles scheduled ready for my busy few weeks of May. I’ve been at least keeping in touch with my 3/2/1 challenge of the year; though I may not be achieving much on it. Anyway.


Meditation; spirit/strength of mind

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been doing Reiki twice a week, doing tarot readings and yoga. I’ve also being doing energy work every few nights; which always makes me feel more in tune. I’ve burnt oils every day this week; as I planned.

For the next four weeks [three at home, one at Uni] I’m aiming for daily yoga and to keep up the Reiki practise. Now that I’m a practitioner – doing it for others too; it’s important to keep up the practise to keep myself in the best shape. The oils seem to be helping too; so they’re still at the top of my list.

Diet: energy/vitality

I’m waking at 8:15 each morning and in bed by midnight. Breakfast is healthy; I reach my 5-a-day for dinner. My current goal is to minimize unhealthy food between meals. Toast is always good.

Exercise; physical strength
As I’m clearing out my clutter; my exercise routine has dropped. However, I’m back into the Shivanata practise and focusing on yoga. I have been doing the odd press up & stretch.

For April, I need to keep up the physiotherapy exercises, get back into the arm exercises and stretches. The weekly walks are in progress and Wii yoga is back on my to-do list.

Strengthening aspect for Month IV
I forgot to do this for March due to deadlines; but for April i’m choosing Release. It takes strength in the form of courage to really de-clutter, to let go of old habits and old items. Release is my word for April. Have a good month.

In light,