It’s coming up to spring here in the UK. This means I get on my minimalism horse and begin the whole planning a frugal lifestyle/de-clutter my belongings. If you’ve been following my twitter account, you may have seen the progress of this process, but here’s the overall list and images.

Why Now?

Those of you who were following my blog a year or two ago, you saw me clear out my closets of over 100 items of clothing. This year, I’ve halved it again! Now have 74 items here in my parents house; probably still 100 at university though.

This is my final year as an undergraduate student… I’m not coming home for more than a month in Summer and next year my terms will be longer so I won’t be home as much. This is my last chance to really pare my items down to a reasonable size.

The Progress: Week II

So.. my de-cluttered spaces so far include:

– the two shelves above my desk

– eight mini drawers – but these need a second round!

– desk top – getting in the habit of keeping it clear with just six items.

– bookcase – donated some books

– one box from under my bed – now housing stuff to donate

– my closets/drawers

* currently I’ve kept:

7 dresses

4 cardigans

6 shirts

3 ¾-length tops

3 skirts

29 tshirt

3 long-sleeved

1 pair shorts

5 hoodies

1 pair leggings

Karate Gi

1 strapless top

4 pairs jeans

dress-up cloak

1 poncho

bag of karate pads/breastplate

8 strap tops

4 pj bottoms

2 nightdresses

white trousers

black yoga trousers


Every time I added up the totals, I reach a different number; but I’ve released about 75 items and kept 70-90 items.

I have halved my clothing in 3 hours.


And this is the combined clutter for the two weeks:

Not Everything

However, I have clothes at university and one load-worth of clean washing drying downstairs. However, if I’ve washed it; I clearly use it. Same goes for my current clothes, PJs and items in my laundry basket.

Next step is to purge what isn’t used at University and then, some time I will bring all the clothes together. I’ve kept a number of all the different types of clothing I’ve kept and will see if the number I have at University added gives me too many of one item.

Are you spring cleaning? How do you go about it?

In light,