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I mentioned my money situation last post, and I’ve had a couple of enquiries into my spending plans; so here’s a list of things I’m saving up for:

  • Books [(£20)]
  • My annual donation to the RSPCA [I give it on my birthday each year (£30)] and RSPB [(£15)]; especially with their rabbit appeal.
  • Adoption of an Amur leopard [less than 40 left!!], turtle, tiger or wolf. [(£40-50 each)]
  • Buddhafield festival [(£150)]
  • New Camera [(£80-120)]
  • Replacement MP3 player as mine’s 5 years old and failing for the first time *sob sob* =(
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST ~ ‘suicide first-aid’ training)  [(£135)]  – got Primary Care Trust Funding-

The annual donation to the RSPCA will go ahead regardless of my funds this year; I’m asking family and friends to contribute/donate for me if they’re willing. I stopped the RSPB one 2 years ago but hope with an income I’ll be able to re-start it.

I’m very passionate about any form of animal charity support, but the low numbers of Amur leopards, Gordon Buchanan’s documentary on Tigers, my innate love and connection with wolves and the lack of awareness and support for sea-life like turtles facing plastic [yes, that’s all the plastic found in the stomach of a juvenile sea turtle] have spurred me on to support those four cases specifically.

How to save up when I’ve unsure income?

* If by some miracle I’ve got £200 for my birthday, I’ll buy an £80 camera, send £20 to the RSPCA, £10 to the RSPB, sponser a £40 turtle and put the final £50 aside for Buddhafield.

* Any money going into my donations horsey-bank (see below) or from my services will be split reasonably equally across these main aims.

* If over the space of 5-6 weeks [or less, I save up £25 UNDER my £20 a week budget, averaging £15 a week – that’ll go into the pot too.

And so on…

If you’d like to support these causes; please donate to the charity directly and leave a note on my page to let me know. Alternatively, slip some money in into my horsey-bank or find yourself something supportive to try from my services list.

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