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A friend of my family, Anne, wanted to be a hairdresser when she was young. When my mum talked about wanting to be a librarian; Anne told us about her own dream of being a hairdresser. And one member of my family said to her:

“A hairdresser, geeze WHY?”

“I just did.” Anne is a confident woman, who genuinely likes the idea and she looked really hurt. I instantly saw some possibilities to challenge the rude comment.

“Well, it’s creative isn’t it – and it’s helping people feel more confident and kind of like dressing them for a play. They want to be this type of person and their hairstyle will affect it. They may be going for an interview or to prove they are suitable to foster kids.  Being a hairdresser means you can give people the tools to do what they want and feel good. It’s a service.”

Just because you’re not interested in something, doesn’t mean it’s worthless.

Why is support so important to me?

I don’t know why I can see these things. I don’t know why so many people automatically put down an activity just because they wouldn’t find enjoyment from it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up around this family that support is so important to me. I’ve seen a fair share of suffering and I’ve experienced manipulation from family. It’s not right but it means that I understand if you’ve experienced that too. And I know that you need a break from it if you’re going to get yourself off the ground.

If your family would think your idea is crazy, but it’s something you truly believe in; then I truly believe in it as well.  I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do with a true passion.

I think that everyone needs one supportive facet of their life. If you’re a little short at the moment and would like a boost, just let me know.

Do you need Support?

The reason I am here on the internet is to help people with this: to give support where others judge and to help you see the other side of a situation. If you’d like a space to prepare your flight, please take a look at my services; where we could plan your speech to your family or make you a success before they find out. If you just need a friendly hug and some reassurance, please have a look at my services.

How to support others

Look at the fears that would stop you from doing this. Are you upset that they’ve taken a step to face those fears when you perhaps haven’t?

Is it against the grain of society’s acceptance? Is it looked down on; does it pay in small figures; is it unreliable?

Does the idea use intellect or art? Could it be creative, help others, provide a service or at least use their talents?

Find the silver-lining and praise it. See it for the potential it really has and be compassionate. If you’ve read this and thought “oh, I’ll make some positive comment but don’t believe it” then you’ve not thought hard enough. I’m sorry to say it, but you haven’t. Every job, service, action or object has something it gives to others.

Find it. Share it. Support it.

In light,