So, we’re half-way through April. Time for my check-in. Been writing a lot of articles and found a new word to focus on.


Meditation; spirit/strength of mind

So far, I’ve been doing Reiki four times a week. My yoga practise is picking up and I went for a walk to the lake last week. I even spent half an hour with my feet in the lake and did some watercolour sketches. I’ve also had my window open a lot in the evenings to keep the air in my bedroom flowing.

Diet: energy/vitality
I’ve switched to waking by 9:30am due to a few nights of zero sleep. However, breakfast is still healthy and reaching my 5-a-day is still happening. Beginning my minimization of junk food this week. I’ve also been taking my iron tablet daily.

Exercise; physical strength
I’m clearing my clutter throughout the next couple of weeks, getting closer and closer to my ideal now. A couple of evenings this week; I also got in some press-ups and stretches before I went to bed. The current plan for this week:

–          Shivanata practise

–          Yoga on both the Wii fit; and alone

–          Weight exercises

–          Stretches

–          Physiotherapy exercises

–          Weekly walks

Strengthening aspect for Month IV
At the beginning of April, I chose the word “release”. Considering all the junk I’ve let go of in my minimalist pursuit; this has been subconsciously guiding me [despite forgetting about this aspect]. Throughout this month, I’ve also been making a lot of connections about my own habits and negative routines. I’m now balancing this release of the old with a building of the new. Thus, I’m integrating this word with Formulate as I make the plans to balance out the loss and negativity. I’ve also had some ideas of May’s word, but I’ll leave that until next month.

In light,