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For me, language is key.

I keep writing posts about how language is EVERYTHING. Yet most of them never get published because.. I don’t even know why.

Our perception of life, of ourselves, or our environments; outer and inner – of actions, thoughts, feelings, and the notion that circles are round is based on language.

Changing the label of a raised-heartbeat-sensation from “fear” to “excitement” alters our outlook on the situation, our feelings and our flow of ideas. Saying we can’t do something stops us trying to our fullest; thus we don’t manage it.

Language is life.


I speak about this regularly in my search for a metaphor within my life. In my current state; a twenty-year old women who was raised to believe that anger solves everything, all calm people are weak, tears will kill & that people are not trustworthy; I cannot learn to be compassionate from this vulnerable child state. From here I build my warrior’s heart into a flaming fire of passion, of soul.

For peace, compassion and patience I invoke my strength; and I separate her.

She is the priestess; an enchantress of fierce compassion. She is the mother-hawk who surfaces when my friends are hard on themselves; or being wronged. She is the voice of clarity who says “hey, don’t call yourself names; you’re perfect as you are!” She connects and she is community, soaring with insight and reaching for the thermals of potential.

Then I have the maiden-wolf; a young adult wolf within her pack; searching, seeking, teaching… she falters a lot but finds that resilience, the courage and with defiance, steps into the sun to face her fear; a snarl of acknowledgement that this will hurt; but fear shall not stop me from telling you I am strong.

I am the wise tigress; who knows about the quietude of silence, the strength in space and the ability to shield myself from the petty worries I hold on to. The value drops as I become her, infused with the knowledge that I am more than the progress I have or haven’t made; more than a blood-daughter of my parents. I am a sacred entity and I have knowledge, understanding and wisdom. I seek it as a wolf yet I teach it. I know.


Job Titles as Spiritual Direction

Acting from these spaces of a shape-shifting priestess gives me the empowerment that counters my fears. It keeps my vision intact when my old triggers arise.

For example, I’m afraid of the dark, which means that outdoor rituals in the evening make me a little jumpy and thus, I don’t relax into it that easily.

However, if I enter the circle as a Priestess of the Gods, a capable and wise Pagan enchantress; suddenly I feel that I can light candles with my mind and can invoke the warrior goddess Scathach should the dark conceal some enemy.

In a more mundane setting; as I pursue minimalism, I am a priestess looking at preparing my grove’s inner temple. How would a Pagan priestess’s desk look? She writes, reflects and reads. Thus she needs reading, writing and reflective items – thus pens, highlighters, pencils, notepads, laptop, tea, incense and.. that’s about it. So why have I got a belt here or a phone lead?

My chest of drawers surface should have candles, incense, hairbands, jewellery and nail varnish. Nothing more.  yet, the sentiment and “i-might-need-it” jumps in and I am once more a child defined by the items I’ve grown up with. This is the current surface:

Overall, I’m a vulnerable child clinging to memories; but taking a breath, invoking the Goddess of Sanctuary, Nemetona and stepping into the character of a sacred priestess of the Gods.

The Practise

Through this practise of giving myself a job title; I’m able to do the job to the specifications of that desire. If my desire is peace, action needs to come from a place of that desire; from a picture in my mind of calmness, of tranquillity. Calling myself tranquil mediator and this a yoga studio means that I look at how well it will allow me to meditate and do yoga; not how well it will be a gymnasium.

At the end of the exercise today, I’ve a chest of drawers surface that acts as my alter:

I feel more focused already.
What could you do if you redefined your personality?  Where would your focus be? What language do you use that holds you back?

How could you alter your perception to become more able?

Is your home a sanctuary?

In Light,