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Right. As I mentioned last week and much like my friend over at Frugal Trenches, I’ve been working out my finances for the next 4-6weeks.

I’m not sure I ever actually  mentioned this but, I’ve been officially offered a place “reading for the degree of Master of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience”.  Woop Woop (dat is de sound of da pol-ice).

The Masters degree from September 2011- 2012 will cost me £10,000. I currently have.. £4,400. And I still have 4 months of my UG degree & volunteering responsibilities. That means 4 months of bills, rent, food, & outings for my sanity [druid meets, pagan moot, courses, seeing my other half, Buddhafield] before I even begin to find the 10k.

Okay, so. My income is based on casual work shifts of £30, paid psychology studies £5-10, my Shivanata lessons, donations and services.


The Scale

I’m in Brighton for 15 consecutive weeks from April 25th– August 2nd, leading to three 5-week plans.

So, here’s the first section: from April 25th to May 29th!

The 5-weekly budget:

  • Food £20 a week = £100 {- £4 a week}
  • Rent £330
  • Outings are £40 [£2 moot, £20 druid meet, other half £15, £25 bellydance ]
  • Bills £40

Upon my return to University; I’ll do a big supermarket shop for fresh fruit & vegetables, staples like bread, butter, milk, snack bars for university, frozen meat/quorn, potatoes & tea. I then intend to go for as long as possible [maybe 3 weeks if I really push it?] with JUST bread, milk, fruit & vegetables.

Everything else will be batch-cooked from my cupboard/freezer ingredients I left at my student house over the holidays.

Do you have any current financial goals or cooking-on-a-budget tips?

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