So, we’re at May. Blessed Beltain and Happy May Day and oh-hell-is-it-May-already?! Let’s see the plans for this month. Dissertation is due on Wednesday so my next post will probably be after then.


Meditation; spirit/strength of mind

I was so good at this in the holidays. –sigh- After the 4th I’m planning to get back into Reiki at least twice a week. I have done some brief dance but shivanata and yoga have both fallen to the bottom of my list. We did have a meditation session on Tuesday, and I did, however, spent an afternoon walking a long the beach with a new friend; making connections and learning throughout the experience. Which has got to be good for my spirit. Back at University, I’ve been burning incense keeping the window open.

Plan for the month: More Reiki, back to Yoga, more Dance & meditation.

Diet: energy/vitality
I’ve been waking at 8:15am all week and today, awoke at 7:30 without an alarm. I felt awake, so got up. Last night Emma and I made dinner together while doing a crossword. Good connections, good food and brilliant company. Breakfast is healthy, I’m reaching my 5-a-day; but I’ve still got Easter chocolate to finish. Forgotten my iron a few times this week

Plan for the month: Iron tablet daily; cut down on chocolate. Buy some oatcakes and raisins instead.

Exercise; physical strength
I’m in my University room which has so much junk filling the space. Once my dissertation is done I’ll be free to do a clearout and hoover the whole room. I intend to get back to my exercise routines at some point too. As previously stated; walked a bit on Friday so I’ve not been completely couch-bound.

Plan for the month: Increased Shivanata practise, Yoga & Bellydance sessions, Stretches & Physiotherapy exercises; which I’ve stopped again.

Strengthening aspect for Month V
At the beginning of April, I chose the word “release” and then added “formulate”. For May, I’m embracing my theme of “emblazon” to guide me through the last four days of my dissertation; two essays and my two exams.

What will guide you this month?

In light,