I have reached burn-out after finishing my dissertation Tuesday; printing, binding & submitting it Wednesday [most stressful part] and then working a shift on campus Thursday. I was in bed by 7:15pm last night. I’m still feeling a bit exhausted but am attempting to recover without three-days of solid sleep. Thus, blogging should resume some-what as normal.

Today brings a quick post that I took from my friend Sonja over at The Spilled Ink Athenaeum.

She spoke about this exercise from Julia Cameron‘s The Artist’s Way on her blog; where she listed five major activities that occurred this week.

Julia asks: “How much time did you give each one? Which were what you want to do and which were shoulds? How much of your time is spent helping others and ignoring your own desires? Have any of your blocked friend’s triggered doubts in you?”

Here’s my list from last Thursday to yesterday; because today’s my first day off and I’m catching up on the things I should’ve done already:

  1. University work [dissertation!]- 30 hours – SHOULD
  2. Shivanata/exercise  – 3 hours – WANT + SHOULD
  3. Sleep – 40 hours (avg 6-6.5 hrs/night) – SHOULD
  4. TV – 10 hours (2 hours/day as couldn’t sleep) – TOO TIRED TO READ
  5. Socialising – 17 hours (four half-days with Chucky, Sorcha, Druid ritual & classmates) – WANT

The Break-down
* Work? It’ll be finished in.. 3 weeks. [wow, that’s scary!] I also did a 5 hour shift of paid work.

* Exercise? I love exercise but have had pains from stress/bad diet/etc.  I want to pick it up this weekend with yoga, stretches, free weights, press ups & shivanata.  Maybe even get back into doing some of my old routines.

* Sleep? Really don’t like it but it’s necessary.

* TV? (covers movies, BBC iPlayer and TVD) Seems to help me drift to sleep without ruminating over my mistakes of the year.  I do also get some work done alongside re-runs.

* Socialising? Not my usual thing and I needed a lot of time off too; but starting to like it more. Celebrated Beltain with druids; celebrating dissertation hand in with whiskey. Met up with Chucky for Pirate–related antics.  Watched Practical magic with Sorcha.

–          I’m learning how to interact with people for longer periods of time.

As for helping: I lent my printer to my housemate to print off her dissertation; it went wrong and thus spent a while fixing it/getting it to work. Otherwise, I’ve not helped anyone this week 😛

I did everything that I needed to; but perhaps should have realised my own boundaries. However, i have three days in which to recover before I have to even think about leaving the house. [actually, I do need milk and bread…]

A Goal
I’m deciding today to have at least 30 minutes of pleasure-reading time a day; at least until the week of my exams.

It’s a bit silly but as I’m finding Spirits of the Sacred Grove and Women Who Run with the Wolves quite heavy; I figured I’d begin a fictional book with full characters and the general novel format. However, all I have left at University is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I’ve been warned that it’s a 529 page novel which jumps around between places and has a vast number of characters. Will have to see how I fare considering my exam revision, final essay and current state =).

I’m sure it’ll at least tell me something new about how far my cognitive abilities have fallen; so it’s an adventure of curiosity.
Take care of yourselves.

In light,