This week, things have calmed and I’m left in the stillness.

And I’ve found a new habit to break; boredom + restlessness.

The Silence

I can’t seem to use my time well, nor waste it satisfyingly.

I have time to read my books, revise for exams, see friends, experiment with cooking and catch up on TV series.. yet I’m spending my days flitting from one thing to another.

It doesn’t help that I’ve no traditional novels to read- I just can’t get into the books I have for long.

My current books include:

–          f    Cloud Atlas [written in the spoken dialect with words I don’t understand]

–          f   Spirits of the Sacred Grove [flits between a dreamscape and real life; hard to get into each bits again]

–          nf   Hooked [novel-writing; each sentence I read I have to make notes on]

–          nf   The Philosophy Gym [a set of mini-stories; no idea which I have/n’t read]

–          f    Women who Run with the Wolves [heavy-going; not relaxing compared to revision]

–          f   The Celestine Vision [been reading it for 2 years-   can’t remember half of it now]

–          f    The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO [somewhat similar to his last book…]

–          nf   How To Practise [been reading it for 4 years-      can’t remember half of it now]

–          nf   Buddhism: plain & simple [got 17 pages left!]

And so I’ve been surfing the online bookstores again; trying to find a novel just to get my feet back into reading. And being me, bought 9 books; 6 fiction, 3 nonfiction.


Don’t let me near the internet =P

“The buying of more books than one can read is nothing less than the soul reaching towards infinity, and this passion is the only thing that raises us above the beast that perish.” – Alfred Edward Newton

I want to reclaim that passion my mother taught me; that love for the written word. Becoming a University student has all but suffocated the flame of reading for anything other than coursework and exam revision.

And I’m going to reclaim a love of reading by summer.

How do you spend your free time? What are you reading currently?

In light,